Fruits of Obama’s beloved Arab Spring: more Embassies under attack

Fruits of Obama’s beloved Arab Spring

Fruits of Obama’s beloved Arab Spring: more Embassies under attack
Its seems like it wasn’t too long ago that some cable news guy was spouting off about the uprisings in the Middle East spreading, creating chaos, and becoming very anti-American and violent. Oh right, that was Glenn. After another U.S. embassy came under attack in the Middle East today, Glenn wonders how anyone is surprised that Obama’s foreign policy could lead to major problems for our national security – WATCH.

NPR, CBS caught on hot mic plotting to attack Romney
If anyone should know the dangers of a ‘hot mic’ you would think it would be journalists – apparently not. Wednesday at a Romney presser, a group of reporters were caught plotting their questions on “tone” for the presidential candidate. Listen to the unbelievable audio and watch Glenn’s reaction.

Tonight’s Lineup on TheBlaze TV:

  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Glenn takes a look at the attacks occurring on U.S. embassies in the Middle East. How should our leaders respond?
  • 6pm ET – Real News: There have been attacks on three different U.S. embassies this week in the Middle East. Are we seeing a coordinated effort on the part of radical Islamic fundamentalists? Real News will discuss that, the president’s response, and much more.
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: The left is politicizing the attacks in Libya to pit Obama against Romney. Instead of joining the debate over “tone,” Wilkow will discuss who is actually handling the situation in the Middle East better: Obama or Romney?
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Glenn unveils American Dream Labs, reveals first details on 2013 summer event: On TheBlaze TV Wednesday night, Glenn unveiled a new project that he has been quietly developing over the past year – The American Dream Labs.

Media miraculously turns Obama’s FP disaster into a Romney gaffe
Barack Obama was in dire need of help. He was botching a massive foreign policy crisis – people were dying and he was bungling the response by sounding sympathetic to the dirt bag terrorists in a statement from the Cairo Embassy. Then in came the knight in shining armor — the press. Did they go after Obama? Nope – they spun this train wreck into a problem for Romney.

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Scary: Fed announced “open-ended” QE3
Barack Obama has promised the country that he’s pulling the economy out of the ditch — but if that’s the case, why does the Fed need to keep bailing America out? The latest bailout came today when the Fed announced they would do QE3 – the really scary part is there was no set amount — instead it was left ‘open ended’ to spend in perpetuity. Get the full story HERE.

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Worst city ever: Bloomberg’s soda ban passes 9-0
Mayor Bloomberg’s day of glory has arrived: his soda ban has passed by a shocking vote of 9 to 0. Sorry New York City, no more “sugary drinks” for you. Glenn, who is broadcasting from NYC today, doesn’t seem to be regretting his move to Dallas, hundreds of miles away from the dictator that is Mayor Bloomberg – MORE.

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Stu rains on Pat’s Romney parade:Stu revealed the devastating results of a Fox News Poll on how the public views Obama and Mitt. Watch Pat’s meltdown HERE. Be sure to FOLLOW Pat & Stu on Twitter and LIKE the show on Facebook.

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