SHOCK REPORT: Obama admin warned about attacks, did nothing

REPORT: Obama admin warned about attacks, did nothing
The more details surface about the attacks on the U.S. Embassies in Egypt and Libya, the more disturbing they are. First, there are shocking reports about the Ambassador possibly being sexually assaulted before being killed. Also, reports are indicating that Obama knew about the elevated warnings and did nothing. Get all the details. Get continuing updates on the attacks occurring in the Middle East HERE.

Glenn’s interview with Rep Louie Gohmert

Glenn’s interview with Rep Louie Gohmert
Wednesday Rep Louie Gohmert gave a fiery statement on the floor in which he hammered Barack Obama’s failed foreign policy efforts. He said, “It’s an inconvenient thing to have to be president when you really are best at running for office,” and accurately summed up the frustration many Americans are currently feeling. Glenn interviewed him on radio today.

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  • 7pm ET Wilkow!: The violence in the Middle East continues to erupt, but was it all sparked by the Muslim Brotherhood? Andrew looks at the facts behind the video that has the Middle East up in arms.
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More-on Trivia returns!
A classic segment on The Glenn Beck Radio Program that eventually went away because it was too depressing listening to person after person fail to answer the easiest questions. Initially used to predict the outcome of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ games (when Glenn was locally on radio in Tampa) – have the contestants become any smarter? Find out on radio today.

The most depressing Presidential election polls yet
These by no means guarantee that Romney is in trouble, but it certainly gives pause for concern. Resident Glenn Beck Program polling geek Stu Burguiere lists off a set of polls that ask Americans, issue by issue, who is better – Romney or Obama? WARNING: learning the results of these polls may cause severe side effects… proceed with caution.

Mercury Confidential: Who keeps Glenn’s show running every day?
Imagine leaving your job at CNN to get a call a few days later asking you to return and help launch a show for a radio personality who had virtually no television experience. Then, imagine being the only person to leave your job at CNN and follow the now budding cable news star to Fox News, where you work your way up to senior producer in a matter of months. Finally, imagine leaving the comforts of working as an executive producer at a major cable news channel to join a fledgling online streaming network. Well, that just about sums up the remarkable career of Tiffany Siegel, V.P. and Executive Producer of Glenn Beck Programming.

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Liberal Fox contributor says Michelle Malkin is angry & ‘probably needs to get laid’ WATCH.

Gov. spends $20,000,000 …on firewood?
During a House Oversight Committee hearing on Thursday, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz revealed that the U.S. military is currently spending about $20 million on firewood – that’s right, firewood.

SHOCK MOVE: China calls for end of forced abortions after international outcry – DETAILS.

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