Romney “caught” on hidden tape

Obama to transfer Blind Sheikh to Egypt?

Obama to transfer Blind Sheikh to Egypt?
This sure doesn’t look good for Obama. First the Muslim Brotherhood comes to visit the White House, then the White House hosts a member of a known terrorist group. Not to mention, both visitors are asking for the release of the “Blind Sheikh”. TheBlaze reports that Obama is considering obliging – get the full report and Glenn’s reaction HERE.

NON-SHOCKING SECRET SHOCK ROMNEY VIDEO: Gov admits people can take care of themselves!
The media is falling all over themselves today over a so-called “controversial” comment from Mitt Romney that was “caught” on hidden camera at a private fundraiser. What comment was so bad it detracted attention from our burning U.S. Embassies? See the not-so-shocking shock video and Glenn’s reaction.

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup for TheBlaze TV:

  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Glenn will discuss the latest on the breaking news from yesterday regarding “The Blind Sheikh” and the chaos in the Middle East.
  • 6pm ET – Real News: The media is predictably going crazy over Romney’s comments about the “47%” who will vote for President Obama no matter what. So what are the facts? Is Romney’s statement correct? More importantly, does this actually hurt Romney or is it possible that this could help him?
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: The latest on the Chicago teachers strike and reaction to the tape released of Mitt Romney.
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Told-ya: Gov won’t let GM walk away
The moment the government stepped in and put its grimy hands all over a massive corporation, Glenn knew they’d never let go. Now, even though GM execs want to get out of the stifling grip of the federal government, Obama won’t let em walk. Get the full story and Glenn’s reaction HERE.

Announcing NEW small business shops in The Marketplace!
Over the next few months, you’ll discover NEW small businesses in The Marketplace. Today, you’ll learn about Heritage Jewelry, Heavenly Wear, Abundance Soaps and Sun Ovens!

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Not according to these stats: President Obama has a clear escape strategy when he finds himself face-to-face with a damaging accusation: double-down. For example, with the economy sputtering and the “are you better off” question frequently asked – WATCH.

Kate Middleton Exclusive Photos Here!
Maybe not right here, but the Huffington Post has them along with an very interesting story about Glenn. Stu investigates the HuffPo’s real journalism in his new blog. Check it out!

Glenn’s shocking theory about what is really happening in LibyaMORE.

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Rick Perry explains QE3: Former GOP Presidential candidate and current Texas Governor Rick Perry joined Glenn on radio today to talk about what the latest round of Quantitative Easing means for the average American. Check out the interview from radio HERE.

Glenn’s new e-book thriller series: Great news! The fourth episode in the WRATH & RIGHTEOUSNESS e-book series has been released! If you haven’t started reading the series yet, things are really taking off. There are ten episodes in total (about 5-6 full books worth of content), and we’re releasing them over the course of about one year. You’ll find easy download links to all episodes HERE. Have a question or comment about the series? Visit our FAQ page.

John Fund, author of Who’s Counting: Author John Fund has a new book out that looks at the corrupt voting system and the potential problems we face during the general election in November. Al Franken won a close call in 2008 to become Obama’s deciding 60th vote on Obamacare – but later, it turned out that Franken had over 1,100 illegal votes from felons. What type of madness will go on this year?

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