Muslim Brotherhood’s shocking U.S. infiltration

Muslim Brotherhood's shocking U.S. infiltration

TONIGHT: The Project – don’t miss it at 8pm eastern
Glenn interviewed the director of TheBlaze documentary The Project on making the two-part series and the 8 month effort that went into it. Shortly after September 11th, 2001, a blueprint was discovered revealing the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists’ plan to take down the West. Once you see it, chills will run down your spine as you realize how much progress has already been made. Check out the interview from radio today and do not miss TheBlazeTV tonight at 8pm!

Obama by the numbers
Is this what you hoped for? In a new video TheBlaze asks those who voted for Obama if this is the kind of change they were looking for and then lays out the ugly truth. When seeing the actual numbers this administration has saddled the American people with, it becomes painfully clear why he’d rather talk about a phony war on women or Mitt Romney’s taxes. WATCH and SHARE on Facebook, Twitter and email to your friends.

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup for TheBlaze TV

  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Glenn previews The Project and shows you the things going on right now inside our own borders and how close the Muslim Brotherhood is to achieving their goals.
  • 6pm ET – Real News: The panel will take a look back at the attacks in Benghazi – what did they know and when did they know it?
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: When Andrew looks at the United Nations he sees: corruption, hypocrisy, and inefficiencies. The United States pays for 27% of the UN – why? What is the U.N. good for?
  • 8pm ET – The Project: The secret document that is changing the world.
  • Watch TheBlaze TV Live or On Demand: Start your 14 day Free Trial!

Glenn: President Obama’s U.N. speech “disturbing on many levels”
Glenn talked more today about President Obama’s speech at the United Nations yesterday and called the speech ‘shocking’ and ‘revealing’ especially when you understand the context in which he’s saying the things he’s saying. Obama thinks he’s above everything and can just solve problems with a speech. Glenn has more on radio today – WATCH.

We are 40 days away from the election: Start the 40 Day, 40 Night challenge HERE.

Does evil exist? Glenn asks a series of ‘uncomfortable’ questions
Glenn pushed people to consider a series of what he deemed ‘uncomfortable’ questions on radio today that all concerned good vs. evil. Do you really believe in evil? And if, after all these questions, your answer is yes – how do you stop it? Get the answer HERE.

Some call them old-fashioned. We call them the heart of our nation. Visit The Marketplace by The Blazeand help us keep that heart beating.

Yes, there is a War on Women – led by Democrats
Last night on TheBlaze TV Glenn showed who is really waging war on the women of this country. Sparked by a startling statement from an Obama spokesperson that insulted the intelligence of women, Glenn responds by making a convincing case as to who is really waging a war on women – HERE.

Stu & Pat recount their excruciating experiences trying to buy iPads at the Apple Store. Why can’t buying Apple products be a practice in normal human commerce? WATCH.

Obama wants you to believe foreclosure rates are down and it’s all because of him.
As we’ve come to expect from this president, things are not what they seem. Stu explains the real state of the housing crisis in three pictures. See them HERE.

NYT op/ed: Death Panels coming
Remember when President Obama and the left mocked conservatives, especially Sarah Palin, for warning that Obamacare would bring death panels along with it? A former Obama administration official took to the NYT recently to advocate for – death panels. Huh, how bout that. Glenn has more HERE.

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