MSNBC caught lying in Romney smear

Obama administration story on Libya just not adding up
Glenn talks about the steady flow of misinformation that has come from the administration regarding the terrorist attack on the United States Embassy in Libya. The media has followed suit with even more misinformation – including TIME magazine who has an article likening a radical Jihadist group to the Tea Party. Glenn has more HERE.

MSNBC caught lying in Romney smear

MSNBC caught lying in Romney smear
It’s amazing MSNBC has any viewers left, conservative or liberal, given the amount of times they’ve been caught not merely spinning, but out-and-out lying with deceptive edits. They did it with the Tea Party, they did it in the Trayvon Martin case, Andrea Mitchell did it with the ‘Wawa’ lie, just to name a few. The latest one takes the cake – even the NYT & HuffPo have corrected it. MSNBC? Still running with the lie – WATCH.

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Ann Coulter talks to Glenn about Whoopi Goldberg attack and new book Mugged
Ann Coulter vs. Whoopi Goldberg is simply not a fair fight. Even the mindless sympathetic cheers from The View audience can’t hide that fact. Ann appeared on The View to talk about her book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama and the tone was set when, as usual for any conservative, she was labeled a ‘controversial’ commentator in the introduction. It went downhill from there – WATCH.

From The Project: Will the files from The Holy Land Foundation Trial be released? WATCH.

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Glenn Beck reacts to ‘stop & freeze’ TSA policy: ‘go to hell’
Glenn expressed his frustration with the lack of common sense in the actions of the TSA. There just seems to be no rhyme or reason to the method of their madness – so Glenn offers some advice: ‘stop treating people like criminals’ and start modeling Israel’s main airline El Al. Get Glenn’s full TSA smackdown HERE.

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This just in: polls are biased. Don’t believe it? Stu takes on one overtly partisan example in his newest blog HERE.

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More-On Trivia: The American Revolution occurred in which country? How many years in a decade? These questions seem simple enough – but can the average American answer them? Glenn finds out and in the process likely depresses the nation’s outlook based on the results. The latest installment of More-On Trivia.

Mark Davis fills in for Pat and Stu: While guest hosting for Pat & Stu, Mark Davis gets into a testy debate with a caller about whether Romney’s recent “gaffes” have hurt him – WATCH.

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