Busted: Scarborough doubles down on blatant lie

NBC News is a disgrace

NBC News is a disgrace
Glenn argued on radio today that NBC is no longer just a bias media organization, they have crossed the even more disturbing line of outright lies. How can you trust anything presented by NBC & MSNBC when they have repeatedly demonstrated they prefer agenda over truth? Even NBC’s token “conservative” Joe Scarborough won’t own up to the bias – WATCH.

Can polls be trusted?
The number of people willing to engage in polls has plummeted in the last four years – could this be a sign that people no longer value or care about what polls say? Chris Wallace apparently isn’t buying the idea that the polls are biased and scolded those who believe they are — check out the confrontation HERE.

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  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: The White House is in crisis mode as the lies about Libya continue to be exposed. Plus, Univision’s “bombshell” report on their investigation into Operation Fast and Furious.
  • 6pm ET – Real News: The SCOTUS is back. Fall term begins today and there are some highly controversial cases on the docket: affirmative action, voting rights, and same-sex marriage (presumably). How will these play a role as we approach the November election?
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Mark Mills of Manhattan Institute issued a report saying “The United States can quite literally drill, dig, build, and ship its way out of the current economic and jobs malaise…” Is he right?
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Pat and Stu dissect and destroy Joe Scarborough’s claims on the “Romney chant”
Even after being proven false, Joe Scarborough is sticking to his guns on his story about the “Mitt Romney chant.” He went as far as to “note” every news outlet that deviated from his opinion on the “controversy”. Pat & Stu decide to do some “noting” themselves.

Remarkable people, extraordinary small businesses, excellent products.
Let the small businesses at The Marketplace inspire you.

Glenn’s Vegas Vacation: Glenn apparently didn’t get the memo that, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” as he continued to give descriptive details of the questionable fashion choices he saw on some of the women on this trip. Plus, what did he think of the Penn and Teller show? Find out HERE.

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White House in Crisis over Fast and Furious
The White House is in total crisis — the Middle East is falling apart, the American economy is falling apart, the European economy is falling apart, Syria is in a massive civil war, the administration has made a mess of the Libya attacks as well as new Fast & Furious revelations. Where’s the media? Glenn has more on radio today – WATCH.

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Is the Golden Dawn Party spreading to the United States?
First of all, who is the Golden Dawn Party? Oh…just the Nazis – and as they continue to gain influence in Greece, The New York Times is reporting that the Golden Dawn Party is apparently attempting to spread their roots in New York City. Glenn has the details this morning on radio.

The B.S. of A. talks to the NFL’s replacement refs: Following the settlement of the strike, Brian chats with one of the NFL’s replacement referees. What was it like being a replacement referee and hated by millions of Americans? Find out HERE. You can watch The B.S. of A. Saturdays at 10pm ET with a subscription to TheBlaze TV Plus!

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