Glenn’s debate advice for Romney

Glenn interviews the cable king, Bill O’Reilly

Glenn interviews the cable king, Bill O’Reilly
Bill O’Reilly has a new book out, Killing Kennedy, which is a follow up to his hit success, Killing Lincoln, prompting Glenn to question Bill’s fascination with “killing” books. The pair also previewed the debate tonight – how should Mitt Romney handle the tough questions? O’Reilly explains on radio today – WATCH.

Here’s what Glenn thinks Mitt Romney should say in the debate tonight
The Presidential debates can make or break the hope a candidate has at winning the election. Al Gore sighed his way to defeat in 2000. John Kerry displayed the personality of a tree on his way to defeat in 2004. What message should Romney convey to the American people tonight? Glenn explains HERE.

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  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Will Cain fills in for Andrew. Why are the President’s allies in the media predicting he will have a bad debate? Find out tonight.
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Get live updates on the Presidential debate from TheBlaze: HERE.

War of the Words? Glenn gets in the ring with Current TV’s Eliot Spitzer
Glenn was in Colorado last night for a special event that saw him squaring off against Current TV’s Eliot Spitzer. The two were selected by DISH to represent the conservative and progressive that Americans will be choosing from in this election. Who put forth the best argument? Who had the best charts? SPOILER: Without a chalkboard, Glenn draws a chart on his hand! Watch the event for free and decide for yourself!

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Why is the media focusing on an Obama tape from 2007 instead of the economy and Libya?
Glenn questioned the wisdom of many on the right who are pushing the latest ‘bombshell’ Obama tape which revealed little new information if any at all. Obama’s on tape explaining why he wants to raise energy prices and that didn’t work – why would this tape change people’s minds?

Glenn’s debate preview with Rick Santorum
Rick Santorum has participated in countless debates over the course of his career, most recently during the GOP primary race. What does he think are the biggest problems caused by the format? How will Mitt Romney do tonight? Check out the conversation from radio today.

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The three shocking Benghazi attack updates Obama doesn’t want you to notice
While the media distracts with a 2007 speech, devastating details are being uncovered in the Benghazi attacks. Several stories broke yesterday that the administration definitely hopes no one notices – including reports that increased security was asked for in Benghazi but denied by administration officials. Check out the shocking updates.

While the media is having a field day with the latest “uncovered” Obama video…
Pat & Stu decide to make up their own bizarre scenarios for videos that could actually affect Obama’s campaign – WATCH.

Whoa: Obama scrubs all mentions of communist mentor from audio book.
Why now? Who is the president’s communist mentor and what was their relationship? Learn the details in Mercury Ink’s The Communist.

Episode #5 of Stutistics is up! Stu explains the real numbers behind why Europe is collapsing HERE.

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