Unanimous: Romney destroys Obama in first debate

Unanimous: Romney destroys Obama in first debate

MSNBC on suicide watch, admits they are Obama propaganda machine
They were appalled Lehrer decided to ask actual questions about topics the American people actually care about, instead of pandering to the left by calling Romney a racist and talking about the war on women. Chris Matthews’ epic meltdown was a top Twitter trend – find out why and watch it HERE.

It’s unanimous: Romney KO’s Obama in 1st debate
When Van Jones, Ed Schultz, James Carville, Chris Matthews, and pretty much everyone else on the left says Romney won decisively, you know it’s a really bad night for Obama. This was exactly the performance Mitt Romney needed to have. He dispelled the liberal smears and his command on stage kept the President on defense all night. Glenn gloats…er, recaps HERE.

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  • 6pm ET – Real News: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul joins Real News to give his post-debate reaction.
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Will Cain fills in for Andrew and takes a look at the debate scorecard. What do the real economic numbers look like next to those the candidates used to support their campaigns?
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Ann Coulter on last night’s debate: “You want this man in the White House”
Ann Coulter was one of the first prominent conservatives to throw her support behind Mitt Romney and she’s happily gloating about that fact today. She said the President looked lost and even seemed to be trying to communicate to America that “he doesn’t want this job anymore” – and many on the left had similar comments. Check out the always poignant Ann Coulter’s debate recap from radio today – WATCH.

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You won’t believe Al Gore’s explanation for Obama’s big debate loss
After the shock of the brilliant orator’s embarrassing defeat wore off, the left has stumbled back to their feet to offer excuses. He underestimated, he was tired, it was Jim Lehrer’s fault and on and on. But the most unbelievable excuse of the night came from Al Gore, who blamed the altitude. Not kidding – see for yourself.

About last night…
Unfortunately, some of the most important issues that we face will probably never make it into a debate. You’ll never hear a question about financial terrorism or about the enormous NSA data complex being built in Salt Lake City. Glenn wrote the book COWARDS to take on these kinds of issues- the ones that are too toxic for a presidential campaign, but too important to ignore. Get the hardcover at 50% off by calling 1-800-480-2797, or get the ebook for just $4.99 — the best price we’ve ever offered—this week only!

American Voices: TheBlaze’s SE Cupp
“When I got to college I realized I disagreed with just about everyone there.” TheBlaze’s SE Cupp discusses her politically ideology, her career as a writer and political commentator, and why voting is much more than a right — it’s a responsibility – WATCH.

The liberal media had some entertaining reactions to the debate last night.
Stu & Pat attempt to decipher Chris Matthews’ hilarious meltdown – WATCH.

Sore loser: Spitzer tries to save face, fails yet again
The Dish Network debate between Glenn Beck & Eliot Spitzer did not go well for the former Governor. Despite weeks of painstaking preparation, Spitzer managed to lose badly to Glenn who wore a t-shirt and drew charts on his hand in sharpie. Clearly still steaming after the loss, he tried to save face on a lib site, but failed once again. Watch a full recap of Spitzer’s latest failure.

Glenn’s interview with David Barton: Today on radio Glenn talked a little about the debate with David but also about what David calls his ‘most important’ project yet: The Founders Bible. David calls it the Bible that built America – check out the conversation HERE.

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