Unemployment drops to 7.8%?

Obama to defense contractors: Wait until after election for the layoffs, will ya?
The Blaze reports that the White House has told defense contractors not to issue layoff notices in November (four days before the election) in preparation for possible budget cuts on Jan 2, which even ABC News calls a move with “political overtones.” Get the full story HERE.

Obama’s October surprise? Unemployment drops to 7.8%
President Obama’s re-election chances just got a major boost with the unemployment rate dipping under the 8% barrier for the first time since early 2009 when Obama took office. But is it all good news? Not exactly — check out the report and the people who are questioning the validity of the number.

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  • 6pm ET – Real News: Today’s shocking job numbers showed unemployment at a 44 month low. Are there questions to be asked about their legitimacy? What will be the political ramifications?
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Andrew is back! He’ll take a look at the newly released unemployment numbers and tackles the issue of voter fraud.
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Jack Welch tweets about “unbelievable job numbers”: Financial guru Jack Welch claims that Obama fudged jobs numbers to cover up awful debate performance. Get the full story HERE.

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Solis confronted by CNBC over suspicious jobs report
In theory, it’s good news for everyone when the unemployment rate drops. But the number itself doesn’t tell the whole story. There’s growing skepticism about the 7.8% figure because all of the key vital stats were around the numbers that the economists had predicted — but the economists predicted that those vitals would add up to at least 8.1% unemployment or higher. Hilda Solis was not happy when questioned about the allegation – WATCH.

Stu Blog: Mitt Romney swings the debate polls by 69 points.

Obama waits until campaign rally to challenge Mitt Romney: After getting thoroughly destroyed in the debate Wednesday, Barack Obama decided (better late than never?) to go after Mitt Romney. Of course his “attack” was just as lame as it was during the debate. Will it do him any good? Check out the audio and the response of Obama’s rally from radio today.

More-On Trivia: Washington vs. Atlanta
More-On Trivia featured the Redskins vs. the Falcons and some controversial officiating from the More-On Trivia commissioner, who apparently doesn’t understand the difference between one person and 1% of the population. Whose IQ was lower this week: the hapless contestants or the hapless commissioner? Find out with the latest edition of More-On Trivia.

American Voices: John Stossel: What persuaded one of America’s most noted libertarians in America today to be such an staunch proponent of the philosophy? “It just seems like a better way to live. It’s a principal that has made America successful.” Television news reporter John Stossel discusses his transformation to libertarianism – WATCH.

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