Glenn’s car gets totaled at wedding

Lara Logan calls out Washington for lies: “They [Islamic extremists] are as strong as ever.”
CBS reporter Lara Logan is the war-time journalist who endured a horrific ordeal in Egypt last summer when she was beaten and sexually assaulted while covering the Arab Spring in Tahrir Square. A mob of supposedly peace loving youth attacked her because they thought she was Jewish. Logan called out Washington for the “lies” being spun minimizing the terrorist threat and bluntly said that America should retaliate for Benghazi. Glenn reacts on radio.

Glenn’s car gets totaled at wedding

Glenn’s car gets totaled at wedding
This weekend, Glenn was in upstate New York for his daughter’s wedding. It was a rainy day – good luck for the bride and groom — but it turns out it wasn’t so lucky for Glenn and his rental car. Glenn shares his story and the unbelievable pictures.

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What’s the most amazing Obama phrase of the last four years?
Because the press neglects to bring them up, it’s easy to forget how many ridiculous things Barack Obama has said in the last four years. Stu & Pat have compiled an elite field of Obama’s 64 biggest gaffes and narrowed them down to the most ridiculous sixteen phrases uttered by the President during his first term. Which do you think should win? View the list HERE.

There’s been a Paul Ryan sighting!
Earlier this week, Stu made the poignant observation that the media must be terrified of Paul Ryan — they have hardly said one word about him since the VP announcement. The only time he has been mentioned is during the fake “Romney! Ryan!” rally scandal and now that he’s lashed out at a reporter. Of course, he’s completely calm and the reporter is a moron – but ignore that — see Ryan unhinged!

Yale Professor David Gelernter on the future of education
Want to know what the future holds? This morning on radio, Glenn spoke to the guy who can answer that question. Yale Professor David Gelernter is a futurist who people refer to on upcoming trends in technology and other key institutions and elements of life. Gelernter explains the damage being done to our educational system and the grim outlook it could create for our future HERE.

Go team! Whoever you’re rooting for this football season, you’ll need plenty of energy to cheer them on. Cook up a delicious slab of Nebraska Star Beef, a tender and juicy meal for the family to enjoy while watching the game.

“I believe in freedom. I believe in individual responsibility. I believe that each of us own our own person…” Founder of FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe discusses his political ideology and the importance of the fast approaching presidential election – WATCH.

Your Personal Debate Prep: Now 50% Off!
Unfortunately, some of the most important issues that we face will probably never make it into a debate. You’ll never hear a question about financial terrorism or about the enormous NSA data complex being built in Salt Lake City. Glenn wrote the book COWARDS to take on these kinds of issues — the ones that are too toxic for a presidential campaign, but too important to ignore. Get the hardcover at 50% offby calling 1-800-480-2797 — sale ends this week!

It’s come to this: New Obama ad features Big Bird
This is how proud of his record Barack Obama is – the latest campaign ad produced by team Obama features Mitt Romney’s comments on Big Bird. Wait, no bragging about the Middle East being on fire? No bragging about setting another food stamp record? Nope – time to talk Big Bird.

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Stu & Pat attempt to keep their cool while Jeffy “faints” in the background. Find out which of the hosts didn’t do so well HERE.

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