Another epic Santelli moment

Exclusive: Glenn’s daughter got married! Check out the wedding photos: Over the weekend Glenn was in the Finger Lakes for his daughter’s wedding, and he has given a small number of photos to to be posted. Check out the photos HERE.

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Another epic Santelli moment

Rick Santelli delivers another epic segment on CNBC
Rick Santelli is one of a small group of people in the media who takes the risk of telling the American people the hard truths when it comes to the economy. Americans have been asking figures in the media to be honest with them — Rick did just that on CNBC yesterday. Glenn reacts to Santelli’s statement on the unemployment figures and explains how we are getting closer and closer to waking up in a country that we don’t recognize – WATCH.

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  • 6pm ET – Real News: The State Dept.’s “CYA” recent move in the Libya story is front and center with the panel tonight. 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Sheriff Joe Arpaio joins Andrew to discuss illegal immigration.
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It happened to Carter – will it happen to Obama too?

Oh, what a difference a week makes. What a difference one debate trouncing can make. President Jimmy Carter was ahead in the polls with only a few months to go before the election and ended up losing to Reagan. Now Mitt Romney has pulled a huge turnaround in just a few short days. More on Romney’s rise and Obama’s fall from radio today.

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Glenn: Obama a danger to the United States of America

Congress held a hearing today over embassy security in the wake of the deadly attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. Glenn goes over the massive failings of this administration and shows how Barack Obama has been on the wrong side of almost every issue he’s been involved with — WATCH.

GOP Rep goes off during Libya hearing: Story via TheBlaze.

Jack Welch: Yeah, I was right about the jobs number scam
Jack Welch was vilified by the left after suggesting in not so subtle terms that the Obama administration fudged the latest jobs numbers. Instead of backing down from that claim Welch is doubling down in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. Why does he think his claim is on the money? Find out HERE.

Ted Nugent: Obama is a ‘bad man’
Ted Nugent never holds back and today on radio with Glenn was no exception to that rule. He talked about the news of the day with Glenn including Libya – prompting Nugent to say Obama is a ‘bad man’ with ‘intentionally destructive’ policies. And Ted was just getting warmed up – check out the rest of the interview from radio today.

Big Bird: Too big to fail?
Stu’s son Zach shows us why that evil Mitt Romney will never kill Big Bird even if he cut funding to PBS. Libs can’t figure out something a 1-year-old can — WATCH.

Your Personal Debate Prep: Now 50% Off!
Unfortunately, some of the most important issues that we face will probably never make it into a debate. You’ll never hear a question about the gruesome war happening with drug cartels right along our southern border. Glenn wrote the book COWARDS to take on these kinds of issues — the ones that are too toxic for a presidential campaign, but too important to ignore. Get the hardcover at 50% off by calling 1-800-480-2797 — sale ends this week!

“There needs to be pride again. There needs to be responsibility again. People need to take responsibility for their own lives.”
Music artist Charlie Daniels talks about growing up in America, the need to change the current path of the country, and his belief that the problems facing America are not Republican or Democrat problems — they’re American issues. See his message HERE.

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