What is the President’s batting average?

Unfortunately for the President, he doesn’t seem to be on the right side on any issue. How bad is it?

What is the President’s batting average?
Unfortunately for the President, he doesn’t seem to be on the right side on any issue. How bad is it? Check out the list from radio today.

Debate Preview: The Gaffe Machine’s Greatest Hits
Tonight’s the big VP showdown between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden — but which Joe Biden will we get? The likable, personable “Uncle Joe,” or the “Uncle Joe” that you try to ignore during family get-togethers. You know, the one who says things like “you can’t walk into a 7-Eleven without a slight Indian accent” and brags about the president’s “big stick”. Just in case it’s the latter, Glenn, Pat and Stu went through some of Biden’s “greatest hits” on radio today.

Tonight’s Lineup on TheBlaze TV — Don’t miss the VP Debate and Post Real News Analysis!

  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: President Obama loves to talk about compassion, but how compassionate is he really? Glenn exposes Barack Obama’s “selective compassion.”
  • 6pm ET – Real News: The crew preps for tonight’s debate between the Vice Presidential candidates. Don’t forget – Real News returns AFTER the debate for analysis and commentary.
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Tonight Andrew poses the question, “Why won’t Democrats give Paul Ryan the credit he deserves?”
  • 9-11pm ET – VP Debate and Real News Analysis: Tune in for VP debate coverage and the exclusive Real News team analysis.
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Jake Tapper grills Carney on Libya
Jake Tapper is one of the only journalists left in the mainstream media that isn’t afraid to go after this administration and ask the tough questions. This week he was at it again grilling Press Secretary Jay Carney on the White House’s handling of the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Libya. Carney failed miserably in his pathetic attempt to dance around the truth-which is that the administration messed up really, really bad. Watch the clip and Glenn’s reaction HERE.

The devastating Libya timeline you must show your friends: Last night on TheBlaze TV Glenn went through the devastating timeline of events surrounding the Benghazi attacks that killed Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans. Looking at the facts compared to what the administration was telling the American people, there is clear pattern of lies and deception. What were they trying to cover up? Find out HERE.

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The five things that you should look at to decide the next president
The entire election boils down to five simple questions. Whichever candidate fits the bill on these is the person you should be voting for this election. What are the five most important factors when choosing the next president of the United States? Find out from radio today.

Entitlements under Obama: Pat & Stu discuss how much enrollment in entitlement programs have increased under the Obama administration – WATCH.

American Voices: General Boykin
“If we don’t understand our Constitution and we don’t believe in it and we don’t fight to preserve it then we will lose the nation that we’ve come to love.” Lt. General Jerry Boykin explains why he believes this election is the most important in his lifetime – WATCH.

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