Biden unhinged: arrogant, rude antics backfire at VP Debate

Line of the night – Ryan hits Biden on gaffes
President Obama got absolutely crushed in the first debate and many on the left were very upset he didn’t bring up Romney’s 47% line that MSNBC made such a big deal out of. So it was no surprise when Biden brought it up – but Ryan was ready and had an epic response. See the response plus Biden’s weird reaction to it that dug the hole even deeper.

Biden unhinged: arrogant, rude antics backfire at VP Debate

Arrogant & rude: Biden unhinged at VP Debate
The big story coming out of the vice presidential debate last night is Joe Biden’s over the top laughs, condescension, and flat out disrespecting of Congressman Paul Ryan. Biden may well have been the decisive winner if it weren’t for the antics because Ryan, while he did a serviceable job, missed several opportunities – WATCH.

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What did Biden say to Ryan off mic? Lip reader weighs in: Joe Biden mumbled a lot underneath his breath last night during his many attempts to disrespect Congressman Ryan, who to his credit did not get rattled by the antics one bit. But what was it Joe Biden was actually saying? Did he actually curse in front of tens of millions of Americans? Lip readers weighed in – see what they say HERE.

Ol’ Benghazi – MORE-ON TRIVIA
It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing – MORE-ON TRIVIA! It was a classic episode this week with many highlights, perhaps the best being when Glenn asked a contestant ‘Where is Benghazi?’ and the response was ‘Walmart’. Glenn mercilessly piled on after the answer. Hear that classic and many more like it from MORE-ON Trivia today.

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Glenn’s chat with Ann Coulter about the debate
How did Ann Coulter think Ryan did? Was Biden over the top? The bestselling author noted that while Ryan did okay, he was clearly not at the same level as Mitt Romney. Get the rest of Glenn’s conversation with Ann from radio today.

GOP responds with devastating ad: “Biden is laughing. Are you?”
The big story after the debate was indeed the blatantly rude behavior of the current vice president. It didn’t matter if the question was about troops dying in Afghanistan or ambassadors dying in Benghazi – Biden thought it was all a big joke. The GOP released this ad calling him out and it’s devastating – WATCH.

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“When you walk into a voting booth, you represent ideals that… men thought about and died for and wrote for and strove for over centuries to make them come alive.” Writer and political commentator Andrew Klavan discusses how he arrived at his political ideology and why voting is so important – WATCH.

Rude: VP Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times. Get the full story HERE.

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