White House clearly lying about embassy attacks

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Does Obama really bet on American ingenuity?

Does Obama really bet on American ingenuity? President Obama has been such a miserable failure of a President he’s had to find things to take credit for that he had nothing to do with. For example, he likes to say he saved the auto industry. He didn’t, but forget that for a moment – Obama included Ford in that assessment. But Ford took no bailout – so how is that possible? Glenn has more on radio today.

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Stunning: Man sets records with edge of space skydive

Felix Baumgartner is a name the world got to know over the weekend when he inspired millions with a death defying free-fall from 24 miles above the Earth’s surface. He ascended in a specially made hot air balloon and capsule, when reaching an altitude of 128,000 feet he made his way to the door and hopped out. Watch the incredible feat HERE.

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It’s time to dream and DO: Introducing 1791 Denim

Starting today, 1791 Denim is available exclusively at 1791.com. What is 1791 Denim? About a year ago Glenn couldn’t believe it when Levis announced it wanted to be the uniform of the progressive movement and released commercials glorifying violent revolution and confrontations with police. Want authentic, high quality jeans that will last, don’t offend your values, and are made right here in America? Glenn has more on radio today. Initial supply is extremely limited – order now to secure a pair of the first run HERE.

Shocker: WaPo asks horrible presidential survey questions

Nearly all of the polls are showing a massive surge towards Mitt Romney – so what’s up with the oddball polls that still claim everyone is totally cool with Obama? The Washington Post is one of these polls bucking the trend – so resident poll geek Stu took a look at the questions. That explained A LOT. Find out why HERE.

“This is your moment!” Glenn delivers inspiring message at FreePAC Arizona

Back in July, Glenn experimented with a new form of live events during his Restoring Love event at Cowboys Stadium. For the first time in his career, Glenn hosted an event accompanied by multiple musical acts, while performing a spoken word speech accompanied by composer Clyde Bawden on the piano. On Saturday night, Glenn’s keynote speech at FreePAC featured the second use of this new, experimental style of speaking as he fired up the crowd in Phoenix, AZ – watch Glenn’s speech HERE.

Obama’s Five Founding Fathers: See how Obama “founding father” Rev. Wright, his church and Black Liberation Theology shaped the president’s worldview – MORE.

Meet the Dummy Vote: Deer Crossing

The election is only a few weeks away and both candidates are doing everything they can to lock down a win. While Mitt Romney is delivering speeches to massive crowds routinely in the tens of thousands, who are the voters that the Obama campaign is trying to win over? Glenn introduces you to one likely Obama voter on radio…

What will it take to secure America’s future? Glenn explains HERE.

Stu & Pat share their professional radio tricks and teach the audience how to spot a fake radio call by using a hilarious example involving a deer – WATCH.

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