Obama’s most outrageous lies

Obama's most outrageous lies

Obama’s most outrageous lies
The Obama administration, perhaps emboldened by a media that rarely questions them, has fed the American people lie after lie over the past four years. That is evidenced by the lengthy list of falsehoods told by President Obama — a list Glenn went through on radio today. If only the media cared — check out this list HERE.

Your food and gas prices are going up, but everything is totally (not) fine…
Back in 2008 President Obama made high gas prices a theme during his campaign speeches. He felt America’s pain on the high gas prices, or so he said. Now? Well, it’s completely normal to have $4 per gallon gasoline when the economy is rip-roaring good! Could Obama be further out of touch? Glenn has the facts on radio today.

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  • 6pm ET – Real News: Welfare spending has increased 34% over the last 4 years bringing it to at an all-time high. Can this trend be reversed?
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Andrew asks, ‘Are we going the way of Europe?’ Senator Mike Lee of UT is in studio to discuss President Obama’s version of Contract Law.
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Glenn’s interview with gutsy, outspoken Bishop
A few weeks ago Glenn played the audio of Bishop E.W. Jackson giving a spirited speech that challenged African Americans to give up their ‘slavish’ devotion to the Democratic party. Today on radio, Glenn had the opportunity to speak with the Bishop about that speech and more — WATCH.

Man arrested trying to blow up The Fed
On Wednesday, federal authorities arrested a man they say was plotting to blow up the Federal Reserve building in New York City, just blocks from the World Trade Center site. Law enforcement officials are stressing that the plot was a sting operation monitored by the FBI and NYPD. Get all of the details HERE.

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The Oval: The Space Jump

Why did CNN give Obama more time? Here’s their lame excuse
Top CNN executive Mark Whitaker issued an internal memo to all CNN employees defending Tuesday night’s debate moderator Candy Crowley today amid “conservative criticism.” The “main” criticism, according to Whitaker, is the time disparity between the President and Gov. Romney — the president received 10% more speaking time. So, why was Whitaker so quick to defend Ms. Crowley? See the unbelievable memo and get Glenn’s reaction HERE.

Pat comes up with a new segment for the show, but Stu doesn’t seem to be impressed. What do you think?

“People have to get involved in the culture… that’s where politics is, downstream from pop culture…” Radio host and conservative commentator Dana Loesch discusses why conservatives must get involved in pop-culture and why the congressional election is so important — WATCH.

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Obama’s made a lot of gaffes in his time campaigning for and as president. So many that we had enough to fill a bracket of 64 and run a tournament of the worst Obama gaffe! Will ‘punished with a baby’ take home the gold? Or another classic such as ‘Marxist professors’ take top honors? Find out which advances on radio today.

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