Glenn was right, Libya edition: Stunning new report

Glenn was right, Libya edition: Stunning new report

Glenn was right, Libya edition: Stunning new report
Just a few days after the Benghazi attacks, Glenn called out the administration’s phony “YouTube theory” and posited one of his own: That Chris Stevens was overseeing the efforts by the administration to arm the rebels fighting Ghaddafi. Glenn goes over the Business Insider report showing there is “growing evidence” that suggests Ambassador Stevens was at least aware of heavy weapons being moved to rebel forces. Check out the segment from radio and DON’T MISS Monday’s TV program where Glenn will have MUCH MORE on this story.

Who knew? Romney hilarious in roast of himself, Obama at Al Smith Dinner
Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were in attendance at the Al Smith Dinner last night, and the big surprise of the night was Romney’s comedic performance. President Obama is always decent at these types of events and had several good self-directed jabs, but Romney showed America he’s not as robotic as they may think. Watch the roast HERE.

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10 questions on The View: Michelle Obama vs. Ann Romney: Yesterday the ladies on The View welcomed Ann Romney to the program and treated her about as coldly as if she were a criminal. The questioning featured bigoted (and completely false) attack from Whoopi Goldberg and other “fun” questions on topics like abortion. Glenn compares the questions posed to Ann Romney to those asked of Michelle Obama. The difference is comical – WATCH. Listen for free! TheBlaze Radio Network is the new exclusive home to Jay Severin, one of America’s top 25 radio hosts! His new show is now live every weekday afternoon from 2-5pm ET. The network’s lineup also includes a simulcast of The Glenn Beck Radio Program and audio simulcasts of TheBlaze TV shows. Get the network’s full lineup and listen for FREE.

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CBS spins 7 point Romney poll lead into win for Obama
What does the media do when the polls start tilting in Romney’s favor? They discredit the polls and do their best liberal gymnastics to contort them in Obama’s favor. Just weeks ago, the media attempted to use the polls to dismiss Romney, but now they’re dismissing the polls and claiming Obama is leading from behind. See the award winning spin HERE.

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Media conveniently ignoring latest foiled NYC terror plot
You’d think a radical Islamic extremist caught trying to detonate a 1,000 lb bomb at New York City’s Federal Reserve building in hopes of killing as many people possible in a half mile radius would be bigger news. It’s kind of a mystery as to why the media isn’t the least bit concerned about the this story or even about the incredible job the FBI and NYPD did in the sting operation thwarting the attack. Glenn has the shocking story details on radio today.

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“If we don’t remove the powers that be from their ability to grow the government even more, it’s going to grow, and it’s going to get to a tipping point.” TheBlaze TV’s Andrew Wilkow discusses his political ideology and the importance of putting America back on the path of individual freedom – WATCH.

Aw, cute: Obama’s civilian army (FEMACorps) just graduated its first class
Remember when Barack Obama asked for a civilian defence force “as strong and well funded as the U.S. military”? Well, here’s President Obama’s first graduating class of FEMACorps workers. The kid in the video sums up pretty well how disturbing this is by saying, “we don’t really know what our job is” while adding that he’ll go “wherever the government sends him”. Nothing like a little brownshirt army to have at your beck-and-call. Glenn has more on radio today.

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