U.N. condemns Romney’s policy on torture, will monitor election polls for suppression of minority voters

U.N. condemns Romney’s policy on torture, will monitor election polls for suppression of minority voters
It’s pretty comical to think that the U.N. would bother sending voting monitors here to America to watch out for the ‘suppression’ of minority voters. Wouldn’t they be better off going to some other countries where dictators are ‘winning’ elections and holding office for decades and decades at a time? Glenn has more on radio today.

This is it: just 15 days left
It’s been a long 4 years. But everything millions of Americans have been working so hard for is now just over 2 weeks away. This journey began for Glenn while George W. Bush was still in office – the realization that big government progressivism on both sides of the aisle is the cancer killing America. Glenn talks about the conversations he had with his family over the weekend about the consequences of this enormous vote – WATCH.

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Van Jones is funny; claims Obama ‘towering’ figure on foreign policy
Isn’t it interesting that a former communist revolutionary (who has never renounced communism) and disgraced 9/11 truther is now being accepted with open arms by the media? Van Jones is a regular on CNN now, and his claims are about as comical as truther claims. Hear his spin of Obama’s disastrous foreign policy on radio today.

Man who saw Lincoln be assassinated: In 1956 Samuel J. Seymour appeared on the game show I’ve Got a Secret. What was his secret? At the age of five he was present in Ford’s Theater for one of the most widely known events in American History: the assassination of the man who oversaw the end of slavery, President Abraham Lincoln.

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In the face of an election less than 3 weeks away, Obama is clinging to his praise for the auto-bailout. Stu gives you the numbers that the Obama Administration doesn’t want you to see before November 6, in a stupid costume nonetheless – WATCH.

The Obama administration’s stance on equal pay?: Do as I say, not as I do…
Stu & Pat take apart Stephanie Cutter’s lies on the Obama administration’s stance on equal pay for women one by one. It’s a bizarre issue for Obama to focus on, considering the Lilly Ledbetter Act doesn’t guarantee equal pay, it only encourages lawsuits. And only 34 have been filed since 2009. That’s something to brag about?

Producer Blog: Growing Up or Growing Apart
In 2008 Barack Obama commanded a resounding two-thirds of the youth vote beating his Republican challenger by a 66% to 32% margin. While President Obama maintains an impressive lead among the youth, how are his policies impacting the political ideology of young and future voters? The change in political discourse one New York University student has seen over the last four years may surprise you – MORE.

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Glenn teams with artists, musicians to deliver inspiring speech at FreePAC Florida. Watch Glenn’s speech and take a look behind the scenes of the big event HERE.

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