White House knew al Qaeda-linked group led attacks on embassy

EXPOSED: White House knew al Qaeda-linked group led attacks on embassy
For two weeks President Obama called the attacks in Benghazi the result of a spontaneous protest gone array. There was no protest and now we know it was a well planned, well coordinated assault. Today we learn that the administration was emailed at 6:07pm, two hours after the attack began, citing terrorist involvement. Oops. Get the full story and see Glenn’s reaction on radio today.

Even MSNBC calls out Obama lie, but Obama doubles down: Obama is getting hammered by everyone for falsely calling out Mitt Romney on auto-makers and bankruptcy. Obama defiantly called Romney a liar but the facts are on Romney’s side — even David Letterman admitted it. Instead of backtracking, Obama uses the lie again on the stump – WATCH.

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  • 6pm ET – Real News: No matter who wins the election, there is a shakeup coming to the Federal Reserve.
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Author Ed Klein joins Andrew to dig deeper into the Benghazi story.
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Which Hollywood funny-man has bailed on Obama?
You’ve seen him featured in many hilarious movies, mostly in goofy roles alongside Adam Sandler. Find out which Hollywood liberal said there is no way he can support a second term for Obama HERE.

Optimism: Why does Glenn believe Romney will win?
Glenn has been surprisingly optimistic as the election draws near, which is the exact opposite one would expect given Glenn’s near legendary Debbie Downer status. What is causing Glenn to hold onto his positive outlook on the election despite Romney’s relative long odds at winning? Glenn explains on radio today.

Who was more Presidential during the debates? Glenn has the clips and the answer HERE.

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Ed Klein: Bill Clinton encouraged Hillary to resign in the wake of the Benghazi scandal
Ed Klein has been right before and has sources deep inside the Clinton camp — and now he says that Bill Clinton encouraged Hillary to resign in the wake of the Benghazi scandal. So why would Hillary fall on the sword for Obama? Find out HERE.

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The B.S. of A.: Host Brian Sack learns that it’s okay to make fun of almost everybody – WATCH.

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