270 to win – Does Romney have enough?

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270 to win - Does Romney have enough?

Ohio becomes key swing state in Glenn’s electoral map: Romney has the clear momentum in most polling data, which is great news. But there are still major hurdles for Romney to overcome if he wants to beat Obama on Nov 6th. The biggest being the electoral college — the way the states are falling Romney is going to have to really come on strong to get the 270 necessary to win. Ohio is indeed as crucial as people keep saying – but it’s not the end-all, be-all state. Glenn goes over the outlook on radio today.

Tonight’s Lineup on TheBlaze TV

  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Glenn is going to focus on two words: pathological and treason.
  • 6pm ET – Real News: As the election draws nearer, the panel looks at the “ground game” of both campaigns.
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Andrew talks about “Romnesia” and Obamacare, plus more details on Libya and the media bias in reporting on this story.

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The latest on Benghazi
Benghazi-gate keeps getting worse for President Obama with each passing day – but will the media push Obama on this or will they ignore it? The latest info coming out now shows that within an hour after the attacks started the Pentagon moved assets within striking distance and were waiting for orders. So why didn’t they strike? Good question — even better if someone asked the President that. More from radio today.

Is Obama a pathological liar?
Despite being called out by MSNBC, Letterman, and others who typically support the president, Obama continued lying about Romney & GM. Also this week, Obama told more blatant lies about the possible sequester cuts, and even managed to flip-flop on his position in a 24-hour period. Is the President a pathological liar?

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Glenn Beck: The President of the United States is telling callous, cold, and calculated lies
They say that adversity reveals character. What have the last few weeks of collapsing in the polls revealed about Barack Obama? With his back against the wall, he started name-calling and telling blatant falsehoods. Last night, Glenn highlighted some of the clear-cut examples of the President knowingly lying to the American people — WATCH.

David Letterman is the latest celebrity disappointed with President Obama
Glenn played the full clip of David Letterman, one of Obama’s most ardent supporters, expressing his dismay at the fact that Obama was clearly not telling the truth during the debates. Especially bothersome was how brazen and adamant he was about being right when he was clearly wrong — MORE.

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Could this be the best sentence Chris Matthews has ever uttered? Stu & Pat attempt to decipher Matthews’ exquisite sentence – WATCH.

Are Romney and Obama really the same? Rand Paul weighs in with his views on the election, Libya, and foreign policy
Glenn spoke with one of the more prominent libertarians in Congress today, Senator Rand Paul, son of Congressman Ron Paul. Romney was not a favorite among libertarians during the GOP primary, so what do they think of him compared to Obama? Do they believe he’ll do any better than Obama at reducing the size of government? Find out HERE.

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