Will Hurricane Sandy impact the election?

Glenn makes it into work, predicts doom for NYC

Glenn makes it into work, predicts doom for NYC (again)
It just wouldn’t be a Monday if Glenn wasn’t on camera warning his New York office that things were about to collapse and they needed to get to Texas. Not even a back injury could keep Glenn from coming on radio and telling the New York branch that if the storm didn’t get them, the inevitable breakdown in the food supply and the subsequent rioting would surely result in their untimely demise. DETAILS

How will Sandy impact the election?
How will Obama ‘take advantage’ of crisis? Don’t miss Glenn on TheBlazeTV tonight.

Glenn threw his back out over the weekend. How?
Glenn is the least athletic person in America so the answer to this question is a little more complicated than in normal circumstances. Golfing, lifting stuff, playing flag football are all things Glenn would never dream of doing – so how in the world did he toss his back out (again)? Last time it was picking up a pencil. This time? Find out…

Stu doesn’t have a lot of faith in New Yorkers to weather Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy is dominating the news cycle as the massive storm prepares to make landfall along the Northeast and put thousands of people at risk. Stu, who lived in New York and Pennsylvania before moving to Texas, didn’t express a lot of faith in his friends and co-workers still in the Big Apple to be properly prepared for the hurricane. Especially when ‘charging the iPad’ was cited by some as a ‘preparedness’ step.

Helpful tool: Try the Google storm crisis map

Get the Facts – The Machine is at Work
Nightsticks, racial slurs, voter intimidation at the polls. Hear the claims and see the evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder ignored. Could this miscarriage of justice enable systematic voter fraud again and derail this election? TheBlaze exposes the Left’s election day game plan in the premiere of The Machine THIS THURSDAY, November 1st at 8pm ET. Watch the Trailer.

What else does TheBlaze have planned for Election Week? TheBlaze.com and TheBlaze TV provides you with the Election Coverage that you need to see:

    • This Thursday 11/1: The Machine
      What role could voter fraud play in this election? Learn the truth in this new documentary.
    • This Sunday 11/4: America at a Crossroads
      A unique perspective on Obama’s first term hosted by Glenn.
    • Election Night: Join Glenn, Wilkow, the Real News team and more for the TRUTH on election night.
    • Post Election: How will Glenn react to the results? Tune in to The Glenn Beck Program the day after the election.



WATCH: Gary the Numbers Guy gets angry on Pat & Stu

Another creepy Obama video featuring indoctrinated kids
The 2012 Presidential Election is entering the final stretch, and the craziest propaganda is starting to surface. Take, for example, a new video from the founders of the ad agency that brought America the “Got Milk?” commercials. In the video, a group of kids sing about a future where Mitt Romney was elected President. What’s it like? The dystopian future features an America where “sick people just die” and “oil fills the sea” – WATCH.

Is MSNBC the best thing to ever happen to conservatives?
As much as MSNBC may drive Glenn, Pat, and Stu crazy, there’s no denying it’s quite possibly one of the greatest things to ever happen to the conservative movement. Chris Matthews, in particular, makes some of the most nonsensical statements of all-time almost daily. If that doesn’t expose the world (or their 10 viewers) to the idiocies of the left, what will?

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