MSNBC politicizes Romney’s efforts to help people

WATCH: epic lesson on redistribution featuring kids & Halloween candy
Comedian Steven Crowder paid a visit to a local church’s “trunk or treat” event over the weekend to pull an “Obama-style” prank on a few young trick-or-treaters. Crowder gave these pint-sized trick-or-treaters an inside look at what Halloween looks like after “hope and change” — WATCH.

More voting machines rigged for Obama? STORY

What does TheBlaze have planned for Election Week? and TheBlaze TV provide you with the Election Coverage that you need to see:

  • TOMORROW – For the Record: The Machine: What role could voter fraud play in this election? Learn the truth about the left’s election day game plan.
  • This Sunday 11/4 – “America at a Crossroads”: Join Glenn as he talks to Americans who have personally felt the consequences of Obama’s first term.
  • Election Night – Join Glenn, Wilkow, the Real News team and more for the TRUTH on election night.
  • Post Election: How will Glenn react to the results? Tune in to The Glenn Beck Program, Real News, and Wilkow! the day after the election.
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Voter Fraud in America – Can’t miss Documentary TOMORROW!
Nightsticks, racial slurs, voter intimidation at the polls. Hear the claims and see the evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder ignored. Could this miscarriage of justice enable systematic voter fraud again and derail this election? TheBlaze exposes the Left’s election day game plan in the premiere of For the Record: The Machine THIS THURSDAY, November 1st at 8pm ET. Watch the Trailer.

MSNBC politicizes Romney’s efforts to help people
It really takes an extra special effort to spin handing out emergency supplies and donating to the Red Cross into an attack, but MSNBC is of course up to the challenge. When Mitt Romney decided not to stump and instead turned it into a relief effort, MSNBC was so not down with the choice. Watch the fake outrage HERE.

Halloween Tradition: Glenn played his epic telling & stunningly produced version of The Tell Tale Heart on radio this morning in what has become a Halloween tradition. Incredibly produced by Glenn’s sound designer Nick Daley, this is a version of the story you will never forget. ‘The Glenn Beck Store’ has made the download available for two days only $5 (normal price $9.95), and you can get it here!

The WORST Obama comment of ALL TIME (Gutsy Call Finals)
For the past several weeks The Glenn Beck Program has been counting down the worst Obama comments to date – from ‘I don’t want them punished with a baby’ to ‘bitterly clinging to guns & religion’ and everything in between. Which comment do the fans think is the worst of all time?

Huffington Post doesn’t think libertarians would have helped in Hurricane
Liberal site Huffington Post posted a blog claiming that Glenn lived by “the objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand” and would have left millions of people to suffer rather than lend a helping hand to those affected by the disaster. Thankfully Big Government was there to rescue everyone! How could we ever survive without their help? Glenn presents a different solution on radio.

Need ideas for a last minute Halloween costume? The B.S. of A. has you covered…. WATCH.

How do the candidates rate on the 2nd Amendment?
Today on radio Glenn interviewed NRA President David Keene about the candidates and how they rate on the 2nd Amendment. Is this an area where Romney leans left? How much damage will Obama do in a second term? Glenn finds out in his conversation with Keene.

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