We’re 5 days away from fundamental transformation

Voter Fraud in America – Can’t miss Documentary TONIGHT!
Nightsticks, racial slurs, voter intimidation at the polls. Hear the claims and see the evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder ignored. Could this miscarriage of justice enable systematic voter fraud again and derail this election? TheBlaze exposes the Left’s election day game plan in the premiere of For the Record: The Machine TONIGHT, November 1st at 8pm ET. Available live or on demand. Start your 14 day free trial to watch!

Why Are Some States Dumping Their Electronic Voting Machines and Going Back to Paper?
In a day and age when technology makes just about anything possible, why in the world are we still largely voting by paper ballots? What happened to all that talk of digital voting and instant & laser accurate results? It’s been abandoned — why? Find out HERE.

What does TheBlaze have planned for Election Week? TheBlaze.com and TheBlaze TV provides you with the Election Coverage that you need to see:

  • TONIGHT – For the Record: The Machine: What role could voter fraud play in this election? Learn the truth about the left’s election day game plan.
  • This Sunday 11/4 – “America at a Crossroads”: Join Glenn as he talks to Americans who have personally felt the consequences of Obama’s first term.
  • This Monday 11/5 – “Ohio: Fight for the Future”: Featuring Glenn and FreedomWorks’ President Matt Kibbe, be a part of this final push for freedom before the election.
  • Election Night: Join Glenn, Wilkow, the Real News team and more for the TRUTH on election night.
  • Post Election: How will Glenn react to the results? Tune in to The Glenn Beck Program, Real News, and Wilkow! the day after the election.
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We’re 5 days away from fundamental transformation

We’re 5 days away from fundamental transformation
Obama came into office with the clear cut agenda of dismantling everything the founding fathers believed in. The ‘charter of negative liberties’ would be gradually phased out in favor of something that had more ‘guarantees’. Four long years ago today Obama said we were 5 days away from fundamental transformation – now were 5 days from it again – back to what America is truly all about — MORE.

OP/ED Benghazi: What really matters.
The Benghazi story has been rife with a series of lies and falsehoods. And while it’s tragic that our Ambassador and 3 other American heroes died in the line of duty, the biggest tragedy may be what happened in the aftermath. That is the argument made by this guest columnist on GlennBeck.com – check it out HERE.

What is Mercury One doing to help? Despite the media’s constant praising of Obama’s handling of the crisis situation in the aftermath of Sandy, there is still a lot of chaos out there. Gas shortages, power still out, looting and ‘packs of teens’ ransacking stores. Some areas have been completely void of rescue efforts – that is where Mercury One has stepped in. Get the story and look at the behind-the-scenes photos.

Mercury One staffer shares the behind-the-scenes details of Mercury One’s trip to devastated Coney Island following Hurricane Sandy — Find out what their experience walking through the destruction was like HERE.

Why Glenn thinks Romney will have a decisive victory on Tuesday
Glenn has consistently said he feels Romney will win big on Tuesday. No contest. How can that possibly be with all the polls suggesting a very tight race? Glenn begins by recalling the Chick-Fil-A fiasco for the left – they thought that had a winner point and it backfired big time. How does that fit in with the Nov 6th election? Check out Glenn’s very interesting and very plausible theory.

Will Nate Silver lose his $2K bet to Joe Scarborough that Obama will win re-election? Not according to his own model, which has Obama winning by a massive 78.4%. Stu takes a look at Silver’s model in his new blogand finds some scenarios resulting in Silver losing some cash.

Glenn ‘discovers’ comedian Jeff Allen
Sure, Jeff Allen has been a veteran comedian for decades, but last night on The Glenn Beck Program and again on radio Glenn chatted with the veteran funny man and gave the audience a taste of why Allen has been such a staple on the circuit. Check out the segment HERE.

The Project is now available on DVD: When TheBlaze exposed The Project, many of you wanted to be able to share the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to infiltrate and defeat the West. Due to popular demand, we have made this must-see documentary available on DVD. Order a copy at a special low price todayand share this vital information with your friends and family.

The Lame Duck, Debt Limit, and the Fiscal Cliff = The Perfect Storm
It’s going to be a close presidential election, but what are the ramifications if there is a prolonged dispute like there was in 2000? There is a lot on the line as 2012 comes to a close: our debt limit, entitlements, the “fiscal cliff,” How could these be affected by a controversial election or the lame duck session? Story via TheBlaze.

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