Stephen Colbert mocks food insurance, preppers

Beck to Bloomberg: “take your 16oz soda and shove it”
Glenn rips into the lack of leadership from Mayor Bloomberg. Where are the epic leadership moments from this guy? Giuliani was constantly inspiring people in the wake of 9/11 — and Bloomberg’s only action is to waste valuable manpower and resources on a race? Glenn flips out on radio today.

The height of insanity: NYC goes ahead with marathon as victims continue to suffer
An incredibly frustrated Glenn Beck hit the airwaves in a state of disbelief today over reports of what is happening on the ground in NYC. Bloomberg has actually allowed the NYC marathon (portable generators, water, etc) even as people continue to suffer. Glenn loses it — check out the reaction HERE.

What does TheBlaze have planned for Election Week? and TheBlaze TV provides you with the Election Coverage that you need to see:

  • On Demand – The Machine: What role could voter fraud play in this election? Learn the truth in this new documentary.
  • This Sunday 11/4 – “America at a Crossroads”: A unique perspective on Obama’s first term hosted by Glenn.
  • Election Night: Join Glenn, Wilkow, the Real News team and more for the TRUTH on election night.
  • Post Election: How will Glenn react to the results? Tune in to The Glenn Beck Program the day after the election.

The Machine: TheBlaze TV exposes “spigot cities” in latest documentary
President Obama’s campaign team could have more control over the outcome of the 2012 elation than you think. TheBlaze documentary team reveals the potential for highly targeted voter fraud in key cities that could determine who gets the key votes from many swing states. Get the details and WATCH former DOJ members go on the record to expose voter fraud.

Glenn interviews Marco Rubio and Josh Mandel
You’ve heard of Marco Rubio and you know he’s the type of guy America needs in Congress – Josh Mandel is running in a tight race in Ohio and he is another guy this country desperately needs. He’s a military veteran and a Tea Party style conservative — and he’s only 35 years old. Great interview on radio today.

Glenn catches up with Allen West, who is in a mysteriously close race for re-election: WATCH.

Unemployment has risen to 7.9%. According to Obama’s own numbers, it should be less than 5.4%. Stu gives you the stats to convince your friends why we don’t need four more years of the same in Stutistics.

Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?
For every action, there is consequence. The Obama Administration’s policies have now been in place for 4 years. Glenn talks to the people impacted by these policies and asks, “Are they better off than they were 4 years ago?” ARE YOU? Don’t miss “Election 2012: America at a Crossroads” – premieres THIS SUNDAY at 9pm ET.

Non-union good samaritan electrical workers turned away by union workers: This story confirms every negative union stereotype in existence today. When a group of honorable, decent electric workers from down south dropped everything they were doing to help out storm victims in the north — they were turned away by the unions for not being union workers. Shameful — more HERE.

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FLASHBACK: Stephen Colbert mocks food insurance, preppers
Will anyone call out Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and virtually every other prominent leftist on TV today who mocked Glenn Beck for advocating emergency preparedness? How are those libs feeling today, as New Yorkers literally go dumpster diving for food. Hear the clip and Glenn’s reaction from radio today.

American Voices: Glenn Beck
“You want to be a pioneer? Come on, vote; vote for somebody who’s a little bit better than the other guy. I don’t care what party, just a little bit better than the other guy. And then the next time we’ll get somebody a little better than that guy and we’ll make progress.” WATCH

This Saturday at 10PM on The B.S. of A.: It’s the post-hurricane, pre-election episode! Brian, who hasn’t had electricity all week, talks with a die-hard Republican and the Grim Reaper, Claire McCaskill & Todd Akin try to stay on message, and Hoodie gets out the vote on Pumpernickel Boulevard. Don’t miss it on TheBlaze TV!

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