Should I vote? Who should I vote for?

Should I vote? Who should I vote for?
The undecideds. Quite possibly the only group of people in America who should lose their right to vote. Seriously, if you can’t make up your mind between the radical Marxist leftist and the conservative rich guy who likes low taxes, you’ve got issues. Glenn reads through some real life examples of people actually struggling with the ‘Hmm, Romney or Obama?’ decision — WATCH.

Romney landslide tomorrow? See the last polls/predictions: This is it – just one day until the biggest election perhaps in the history of America. After all the debates, all the attacks, all the gaffes — where does each candidate stand in the polls? What are people predicting just 1 day out? Can Romney actually pull off a landslide? Find out on radio today.

What does TheBlaze have planned for Election Coverage? and TheBlaze TV provides you with the Election Coverage that you need to see:

  • TONIGHT at 8pm ET – “Ohio: Fight for the Future”: Featuring Glenn and FreedomWorks’ President Matt Kibbe, be a part of this final push for freedom before the election.
  • TOMORROW beginning at 5pm ET – Election Night: Join Glenn, Wilkow, the Real News team and more for the TRUTH on election night.
  • Bookmark Make your online source for election updates with our live electoral map, real time news, our live blog and more.
  • Post Election: How will Glenn react to the results? Tune in to The Glenn Beck Program, Real News, and Wilkow! the day after the election.
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Tomorrow the nation will make its choice — the most critical choice America has ever faced. Last night, Glenn spent a full hour going through the impact the Obama administration has had on our country in an exclusive special — “America at a Crossroads” – subscribers can now watch it on demand. Plus, don’t miss tonight’s special from Ohio, one of the most crucial states in this election and tomorrow’s exclusive election coverage. Start a 14 day Free Trial to watch.

Glenn: Revenge vs. Love: This election choice is clear
The closing arguments made by each candidate could not sum up better what this election is all about. One side is divisive, views the other as the ‘enemy’ and wants its base to get ‘revenge’ on the other side. You have a choice between those who pit us against each other and those who seek to unite, despite our differences, on the common bond of American principles — MORE.

New technology being used on TheBlaze TV for election night – DETAILS.

Mercury One update: $1.6m raised, countless helped in the aftermath of Sandy. Get the pictures and details HERE.

TheBlaze making a huge impact: Despite being a newborn in the world of news websites, TheBlaze is already making a huge impact in the online media world. By surpassing its competitors by many key measures on social media, TheBlaze is catching America’s attention and quickly becoming a go-to media source for millions of Americans – STORY.

Will Christians show up this time? Glenn interviews David Barton
David Barton is very in tune with the Christian community so Glenn asked him about the expected turnout for tomorrow. Will it be similar to 2008? Will there be fewer? Will there be more? Glenn talks with David on radio today and explains how the Christian vote could sway the election.

America deserves the leaders it elects… Americans have the power to impact elections, voice their opinions, and educate themselves on every candidate running for office. TheBlaze contributor Steven Strauss encourages Americans to stop complaining about the lack of inspiring leaders, and instead take a long look in the mirror. Get the story on TheBlaze.

Stu, aka the Little Black Rain Cloud, doesn’t think tomorrow is going to be a good day for Romney. But don’t curl into the fetal position just yet! His prediction should be taken as motivation! Make your lazy friends watch every episode of Stutistics for fear inducing Obama facts and get them to the polls, stat!

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American Voices: Amy Holmes
“So the question is, are you going to complain, are you just going to be in the peanut gallery, or are you going to get on to the field and fight for what you believe in?” WATCH.

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