Glenn rips Rove, GOP; lays out future path

Glenn gets post election reaction from Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter is one of the top voices in the conservative community, so how is she feeling after Romney’s loss Tuesday? Glenn interviewed her on radio today to find out. Can America recover? What’s in store for the GOP in the near future? Check out the conversation from radio.

That was fast: 1 day after win, Obama goes for U.N. global gun ban
Well, Barack Obama wasted no time getting busy destroying American sovereignty after defeating Mitt Romney Tuesday night and winning a 2nd term. Mere hours after the deciding votes were cast, the administration got to work supporting the U.N. and their effort to install a global gun restriction treaty. Glenn reacts.

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Glenn rips Rove, GOP; lays out future path
The biggest fight that lies ahead is not against Barack Obama and the Democrats. It’s for the soul of the Republican party. Fingers are pointing at the Tea Party and at the establishment GOP – who will win the battle to control where the party heads in the future? Glenn has more on the fate of the GOP on radio today.

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Did Chris Christie blow the election?
More and more election numbers & breakdowns keep coming in, among the surprising numbers is the fact that a high number of people said Obama’s efforts in the aftermath of Sandy swayed their vote. The only positive attention Obama received? From Chris Christie. So is it his fault Obama won? More HERE.

Obama supporters celebrate: “NO MORE ISRAEL…KILL THOSE MOTHER F**KERS”
How did Obama supporters in Chicago celebrate? Well, by denouncing Israel and supporting Palestine and Iran, of course! One supporter even called President Obama the “angel of peace” in the Middle East. How did Glenn react? WATCH

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