The return of More-On Trivia

Here’s the conversation the GOP needs to have
As the stats keep pouring in, one key factor is moving to the top of the list as the main culprit: the old guard running the campaign show for the GOP has got to go. Glenn reads from great posts by Michael Walsh and Jennifer Rubin on radio today which lay out the new strategy the GOP must take. WATCH

See the t-shirt that perfectly sums up the election in one simple phrase HERE.

The return of More-On Trivia

The return of More-On Trivia
Nothing quite like drowning your election sorrows by listening to hapless contestants on the phone fail to answer the simplest questions in existence today. Will the contestants be able to tell where the Great Wall of China is located? Or what the FBI stands for? Another classic episode of More-On Trivia today – see the results.

Glenn questions Stu, Pat’s manliness over James Bond movie
Now that the country is lost (kidding! kinda) Glenn figured why not talk movies a little on radio today. While previewing the new James Bond movie Skyfall, Glenn discovered that Pat & Stu haven’t seen all that many Bond movies. Despite having an extremely questionable ‘manliness’ factor (Broadway show addiction, inability to play any sport) Glenn takes them to task. MORE

Another Florida recount — Allen West
Glenn spoke with Allen West on radio today, an American hero who is somehow in a contested battle to regain his seat in Congress. There is a recount happening after some alleged mistakes were made in double counting votes. West also picked up 300 extra votes in absentee ballots. Will he hang on? Glenn chats with West on radio today. WATCH

Forward! Obama wins, dozens of companies announce layoffs
Glenn went through the list of businesses who were forced to lay off employees in the wake of the Obama victory, perhaps many realizing Obamacare would definitely be kicking in soon with no chance of repeal. The list is so staggering it began to sound like a school closing list after about 3 feet of snowfall. See it here. Another Glenn Beck prediction comes true? David Petraeus steps down from CIA post: MORE

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  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: What does this election mean for the future of this county? Glenn speaks to a wide range of experts tonight.
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  • 7pm ET – Wilkow! Andrew looks at “The New Left” that Obama’s building. A coalition of people who don’t want society or institutions. They just want money!
  • Saturday @ 10pm ET – The B.S. of A: Unlike so many others, Brian actually follows through and moves to Canada after Obama’s win. How did things go so wrong?
  • Sunday @ 8pm ET – Independence USA: Preparing for the worst one project at a time – don’t miss an all new episode this Sunday.
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Did Chris Christie lose the election for Romney?Pat & Stu discuss on today’s show.

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