Glenn predicted Petraeus’s dismissal 2 weeks ago

S.E. Cupp humiliates Maher Panel: Watch S.E. Cupp reduce Bill Maher’s panel to obscenities over Obama’s foreign policy. Andrew Sullivan becomes so overcome with hate & anger he lunges towards S.E. as if he wants to hit her. Watch the exchange HERE.

Glenn predicted Petraeus's dismissal 2 weeks ago

Glenn predicted Petraeus’s dismissal 2 weeks ago
General David Petraeus resigned amid scandal last week after admitting he had cheated on his wife of 38 years with a woman 20 years younger. Interesting timing, considering Petraeus was set to testify in the Benghazi investigation and will most likely no longer take part. Why now? And why was the man once hated by the left (‘betray-us’) part of Obama’s administration in the first place? Glenn explains on radio today.

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  • 6pm ET – Real News: Rep. Peter King joins the Real News crew to discuss the national security ramifications of the Petraeus scandal.
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Andrew marks Veterans Day with a program that salutes the men and women who serve in our military.
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Disturbing Ads: Is Glenn sponsoring Agenda 21?
There’s a mild controversy brewing amongst TheBlaze TV subscribers who have reacted negatively to a series of Agenda 21 commercials running recently. Is Glenn really so desperate that he’s been reduced to accepting ad revenue from Agenda 21 proponents? OR could it be something else? HINT: it’s something else – find out what HERE.

Not happy about the election results? You could always move to Canada with Brian Sack — WATCH.

Was Diane Sawyer drunk on election night?
Seems unlikely, but when watching the playback of her performance it’s evident she’s either on something or the tape is malfunctioning. Glenn had a hard time believing Sawyer would do that — does the tape convince him otherwise? Watch and decide.

Live like people determined to be free
Glenn talks about the time frame in which things in our country could decline now that Obama has won re-election. The tough times will hit more quickly than they would have if the election went the other way — so how do you prepare? Look at things differently AND behave like people determined to be free. Check out Glenn’s inspiring monologue HERE.

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Afghanistan: The Most Romanic Country Pat & Stu reach the conclusion on today’s show that the romantic geographical features of Afghanistan are to blame for Petraeus’s affair — WATCH.

Philadelphia voting like Saddam’s Iraq: 59 precincts show ZERO votes for Romney. Really? Get the full story at TheBlaze.

Skyfall Review: Take this movie review with a grain of salt — after all, Glenn once recommended another ‘sky’ movie (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) so his record isn’t stellar. Where does Glenn rate this Bond flick against the others? Find out on radio today.

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