Congrats Barack! Another new food stamp record

Agenda 21 explained: You’ve been hearing a lot about Agenda 21 lately – find everything you need to know about it and why you’re seeing it on TheBlaze HERE.

More than 30 states have a serious secession movement: The White House website contains a section dedicated to letting the people’s voice be heard. Got an idea for a petition? Got enough signatures? The White House promises it will be “reviewed” and that they will “issue a response” to it. Should be interesting to see how the White House responds to the 30+ states who have garnered enough signatures to secede from the United States. Glenn has more on the movement HERE.

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  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Glenn updates you on the latest in the General Petraeus scandal and how it ties into the terror attacks in Benghazi.
  • 6pm ET – Real News: The panel talks about the rush by some states to file for secession in the post-election.
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Andrew tells you why it’s time for John Boehner’s reign as House Speaker to end. Plus, Sen. Rand Paul tackles the fiscal cliff.
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Congrats Barack! Another new food stamp record
The federal government held back the release of the latest food stamp numbers until after the election and the stats reveal why: there are now 47.1 million Americans receiving food stamps. That’s a 420,947 increase in one month. Also, it’s likely everyone in Ohio who voted for the food stamp President is very confused today because they just received a big fat cut to their food stamp benefits. More on radio today.

MSNBC mocks ‘wild’ theories on Petraeus
MSNBC, the network who ranted and raved about Scooter Libby all day long; the network that claimed Bush lied and people died; the network that mentioned Halliburton many, many times for some reason or another: THEY have decided that there’s no foul play at ALL going on with the Petraeus scandal. It’s all on the up and up. BACON!!! Get 41% off a mind altering, mouthwatering maple bacon gift package! For just $39.99 you’ll receive five delicious products at 41% off the original price of $67.50 from small business Bacon Freak!

Is there anyone without a woman on the side? Petraeus update
The scandal keeps getting more and more bizarre as another highly decorated general and an FBI agent have been dragged into the mix. Earlier in the year it was the Secret Service and now this. Is there anyone left with morals? Sure doesn’t seem like it. Glenn reacts to the latest Petraeus update on radio today.

What’s really going on with Petraeus? Glenn explains
Last night on TheBlaze TV Glenn went through the facts of the case and explained what is really going on. The story from the administration just isn’t adding up – what’s wrong with it and why?

It’s Always Obama in Philadelphia! Stu & Pat discuss how Obama captured 100% of the votes in 59 Philadelphia precincts — WATCH.

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