Jake Tapper grills Carney on timeline

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Glenn’s new thriller novel Agenda 21 is fiction, but UN Agenda 21 is very real. So why bring up this issue now? Because it’s now, right after a big election, when most people are so tired that they want to give up. Don’t be a sunshine patriot; Agenda 21 flourishes when we let our guard down. Pre-order a copy of Glenn’s latest novel and educate yourself on Agenda 21 HERE.

Obama’s 1st presser in 8 months as pathetic as you’d expect: President Obama didn’t give any real answers at the press conference today and, no surprise, the press didn’t ask any tough questions. Obama tried to explain the merits of taxing the rich and went to bat for proven liar Susan Rice. Watch at your own risk.

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Sex, Lies, and Libya: The media wasn’t all that interested in getting to the bottom of the Benghazi attack and murder of a United States ambassador – but boy do they want to hear more about General Petraeus’ sex life! Glenn covers what the media should on TheBlaze TV.

Jake Tapper grills Carney on timeline

Jake Tapper grills Carney on timeline
Jake Tapper is likely the only sane human being left in the White House press corps. He questioned White House Press Secretary Jay Carney this week on the timing of the Petraeus scandal and noted the ‘utterly bizarre’ “coincidence” that the White House didn’t find out about the affair until after the election. Glenn reacts to the exchange on radio.

Gaza promises ‘gates of hell’ to open after Israeli air strike: The globe wasn’t saddened to learn that the head military figure for Hamas was killed today in an Israeli air strike. Hamas responded by claiming they’d open the gates of hell. Full story via TheBlaze.

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Politico shamelessly edits Dick Morris
Dick Morris makes incredibly wrong predictions ALL the time, so if the goal is to attack him for his prediction accuracy there’s more than enough material. But Politico took the unecessary extra step to make Morris sound as if he knowingly gave bad predictions on the election just to make people feel better. Hear the hack job edit HERE.

What about my diplomatic immunity? Jill Kelley’s bizarre 9-1-1 call
Jill Kelley is the other other woman at the center of the Petraeus scandal. A recent 9-1-1 call has been released and it reveals that Kelley, a socialite, thought she was really really important. Check out the audio of this call where she demands people get off her lawn – not because they are trespassing, but because they are trespassing on “inviolable” property! Seriously — Listen HERE.

Secession talk grows to all 50 states
The talk of secession has spread throughout the United States like wildfire. It is really a topic that shouldn’t be taken lightly — after all, conservatives mocked Alec Baldwin for claiming he’d leave the states if Bush won. Why are they now lining up to secede? Glenn has a bigger question: Why in the world would you sign that petition on the White House website?

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Does Obama have Cass Sunstein to thank for winning re-election? Read why HERE.

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