Union forces Twinkies out of business

Glenn: Israel is at war, and the world soon will be as well: The past few years of relative calm in Israel have come to an end. Rockets have been launched in recent years, but a long sustained missile attack has not been seen in quite some time. The media is quick to side with Hamas or equate them with Israel – Glenn sets the record straight on TheBlaze TV.

Welcome to Pallywood! Palestinians caught faking injury, death
A fierce firefight is taking place between southern Israel and Gaza, and that means it’s time to ramp up the Palestinian propaganda. Last night Glenn showed the fake picture Hamas used on Twitter – but check out these videos of Palestinians actually pretending to be hurt and getting caught on camera doing it — WATCH.

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Union forces Twinkies out of business

Ho Ho NOOOO! Union forces Twinkies out of business, you only have 25 years left to eat the rest
Congratulations, unions! After deciding to strike instead of taking an 8% pay cut, 100% of Hostess’ employees will be taking a 100% pay cut. That’s right, the unthinkable is happening — Hostess, the maker of the American classic treats like Ho Ho’s and Twinkies, is going out of business. Glenn says expect more of this from the unions — find out why HERE.

WATCH : Ron Paul’s epic farewell speech.

You’ve heard Glenn talk about the dangers of Agenda 21 a lot this week — but how can you stop it? You have to know what to look for. The term “Agenda 21″ won’t be on your local ballot, but have you seen the term “Sustainable Development” in local legislation? You’re probably dealing with Agenda 21. Get more buzzwords to lookout for and preorder Glenn’s new thriller novel based on UN Agenda 21 HERE.

Who wrote the ‘talking points’ for General Petraeus? Testimony update…
General Petraeus testified behind closed doors today, but reports are coming out that he believed the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack from early on, and that he was going off of ‘talking points’ when he mentioned the video. So, who wrote the ‘talking points’ for him to read? Glenn has full coverage of the Benghazi testimony today.

Glenn Beck Special: Agenda 21. Most of us have heard of it, only a few know what it is. Disguised as “Helping the planet,” Americans are being tricked into more government control. Glenn examines Agenda 21 and explains how as individuals we must stand our ground, and stop it. Before it’s too late. Find out how, this Monday at 5pm ET on TheBlaze TV.

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Al Gore wanted the Firenado — so why did he get denied?
You may recall a crazy viral video a few months ago shot by an Australian filmmaker named Chris Tangey that featured something being called a Firenado. It was a tornado that was basically on fire. Naturally, Al Gore wanted to use it as evidence of global warming (which it had nothing to do with). Tangey said no – then Gore got deceptive and tried to trick him into licensing the video. He didn’t fall for it — Tangey tells the story to Glenn on radio today.

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Indy vs. New England: More-On Trivia
Another classic episode of More-On Trivia today with a big showdown featuring convenience store workers from the Boston metropolitan area vs. the Indianapolis area. Will they be able to correctly define socialism? Or ‘universal’? Watch the always entertaining and sometimes depressing More-On Trivia on radio today.

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