“I think we’ll see a ground war”

Gen. Jerry Boykin: “I think we’ll see a ground war”
Glenn spoke with former General Jerry Boykin on radio today about the latest in Israel, and by his estimation, the outlook doesn’t bode well for peace. The Palestinians are not backing down and Gen. Boykin believes there is a high probability of Israeli ground troops entering Gaza. How does he see it ending? Find out on radio today.

Media shamefully pro-Palestine in coverage of Israel/Gaza conflict. Watching recent media coverage, one would be hard pressed to believe this conflict is the fault of Hamas. Every article focuses on the human suffering in the Gaza Strip, without laying any of the blame at the feet of the designated terrorist group Hamas. Glenn has the incredible media spin on radio today — WATCH.

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Agenda 21. Most of us have heard of it, only a few know what it is. Disguised as “Helping the planet,” Americans are being tricked into more government control. Glenn  examines Agenda 21 and explains how as individuals we must stand our ground, and stop it. Before it’s too late.
  • 6pm ET – Real News: During the campaign, President Obama pledged 100% support of Israel — will that support hold as pressure mounts and ground troops amass on the Gaza border?
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: President Obama may have won re-election, but the free market and business are showing that his policies are working. Even the “supporting arm” of NBC is laying people off.
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What is it like to provide relief to Hurricane Sandy victims?
Another inconvenient truth the media is avoiding is the massive struggle and lingering problems in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Mercury One is one of the few operations still on the ground helping people in need – what’s it like? Find out HERE.

Agenda 21 is coming…
Agenda 21: Most haven’t heard of it, and only a few really know what it is. Disguised by programs that “help the planet” with “sustainability,” “preservation,” and “vibrant neighborhoods,” Americans are being tricked into more government control. Glenn’s launching a national registry effort to see what is really happening across the country and to start fighting back. You can get all the details on how to help and see more about Glenn’s new thriller novel based on this insidious plan HERE. Plus, watch Glenn’s interview with the man behind Glenn’s publishing division, Mercury Ink HERE.

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Vince Flynn:  The Last Man
Glenn spoke on radio today with one of the best thriller writers ever, Vince Flynn. He has an incredible way of tying in real life situations into his novels, and this one is no exception. Think Benghazi was far fetched? Not Vince — check out the interview from radio today.

Support fading for Chris Christie? SNL visit didn’t help
First Chris Christie had a nationally televised bromance with President Obama, then he was welcomed on SNL with open arms — and then he says he’s going to raise taxes in New Jersey, whose residents are already taxed at the highest rate in the country. Seems like conservatives have good reason to be questioning Christie… Glenn has more on radio today.

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Where is the GOP going? Stu & Pat discuss the shortcomings of Bill Kristol and the Republican Party as a whole  – WATCH.

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