Glenn reviews Christmas Story Musical

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Glenn’s Special Video Message for Israel
Israel suffered its first military death today when a Hamas rocket killed an Israeli soldier. The entire region, including Egypt and Tunisia, are lining up behind Hamas, exactly as Glenn predicted they would. Old hatreds are rising again and the world is allowing it to happen. WATCH and SHARE Glenn’s special message for Israel.

Glenn went to check out the Broadway musical version of the hit classic - was it any good?

Glenn reviews Christmas Story Musical
A Christmas Story
is an American classic during the holiday season. It’s impossible to not see it on TV as it’s run non-stop round the clock on Christmas Eve. Glenn went to check out the Broadway musical version of the hit classic – was it any good? Find out on radio today.

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45% of Americans want to skip Christmas?
It’s Christmas time again and the usual war on Christmas has started up. Nativities are being taken down by atheists, crosses are being replaced with ‘holiday trees’ and on it goes. But a new poll out there raised some eyebrows when 45% of Americans said they’d rather just skip Christmas. And in some respects, Glenn agrees – why? The answer on radio today.

Forward: Boston Tea Party being taught as an act of terrorism
Progressives are apparently feeling quite emboldened after the 3 million vote win by Barack Obama because they’re really trying to distort history now. Case in point: the new school curriculum that turns the Boston Tea Party on its head and labels the revolutionaries as terrorists. Glenn reacts, not kindly, on radio today.

Wondering how you’ll have room for dessert at Thanksgiving this year? Pat, Stu, and Jeffy reveal their secrets for eating through the fullness.

Rare: AP reporter absolutely grills State Dept over weak Israel stance
This week, the Obama administration refused to denounce Turkey for referring to Israel’s military response as “terrorism” and an attempt at “ethnic cleansing,” despite the fact that Hamas is designated a terrorist organization. One AP reporter expressed frustration by the administration’s silence on the issue and took them to task for it — WATCH.

Marco Rubio grilled by GQ about… the age of earth?
The latest gotchya question from the left: ‘Do you actually believe the Bible?’ Yes, apparently liberals now believe if you catch someone admitting they believe what the Bible says, they are a crazy loon who must be defeated! Marco Rubio discovered this during a recent interview with GQ who felt the need to bring up one of the most irrelevant questions ever. His response was great – check it out HERE.

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