MSNBC demands talks with terrorist org Hamas

Glenn interviews the most credible & spookiest dude ever
Last night on TheBlaze TV Glenn interviewed author Ray Kurzweil, someone who is incredible at predicting the future of technology. The problem with this talent is what he’s predicting in the future — if he’s right again we could have some really really smart and really really scary computer technology in store for us soon. What’s coming? Check out the interview HERE.

MSNBC: We should sit down at the table with democratically elected Hamas
Think you can rely on the mainstream media for balanced and common sense reporting on the conflict in the Middle East? If you’re a progressive, you’ll have no problem finding reporters and experts who want to negotiate with terrorists and claim that Israel is committing war crimes and human rights violations. But don’t expect to see too much coverage of Hamas terrorists dragging bodies through the streets or using civilians as human shields. No, the media wants you to think Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are legitimate, peaceful political groups who just want peace in the Middle East. Of course, peace for them means the end of Israel and “death to the Jews”! WATCH.

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Beck on O’Reilly: Tough times ahead
Glenn went on with Bill O’Reilly last night and the pair talked about what went wrong with the election and what they see coming in the near future. Both agreed that things will work out in the end, but there will be tough times before it gets better. Check out the segment from Fox last night.

Agenda 21 is happening on the local level. Have you heard of smart meters? Ever voted for a plan for “sustainable development”? Are your kids being taught about “social justice” in school? That’s Agenda 21. Glenn’s new thriller novel ties all of the pieces together and gives you a terrifying look at the slippery slope. Learn more and order a copy HERE.

The most insane PSA you’ve ever seen: Glenn came across a very catchy Australian PSA this week that has gone viral all over the internet. The only thing is…until the ad gets to the very end, you have no idea what in the world the message is for. Watch the hilarious PSA and Glenn’s reaction HERE. TheBlaze Radio Network! TheBlaze Radio Network is the exclusive home to Jay Severin, one of America’s top 25 radio hosts! His show is now live every weekday afternoon from 2-5pm ET. Get the network’s full lineup and listen for FREE every afternoon.

Glenn on Real News: Glenn invaded the set of Real News last night to dive into the in-depth coverage the team provides each and every night. See the conversation HERE.

The dangers of being a mall Santa
There are varying opinions on the usefulness of mall Santas – some people love taking their kids to see them, others absolutely dread it. Glenn goes on a bit of a mall Santa rant today that didn’t exactly end on a high note — check it out HERE.

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