Pravda: America making Soviet mistake electing Obama

Bill Kristol, other GOPers caving on taxes
Bill Kristol, best known for being completely wrong on the Arab Spring, is still giving opinions in case anyone is still paying attention to him. This time he’s arguing that Republicans should just cave in and give democrats the higher tax rate – as if that’ll solve everything and not make it worse. Glenn rips the latest spineless GOP action.

Pravda: The communists have won in America with Obama?

Pravda: The communists have won in America with Obama?
Pravda made a bold statement over the weekend: the communists have won in America with Barack Obama. Why? Because, much like Russia’s past communist leaders, Americans re-elected Obama for a second term without so much as a stated economic strategy for success. Not even Glenn could disagree with the Russian “news” outlet. Get the full story HERE.

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  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Think Black Friday is bad? Imagine if it were food the mobs were fighting over.
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Glenn’s son Raphe baptized over the weekend
It was quite an eye opening experience for Glenn this weekend as he had the opportunity to baptize his son Raphe. As he stood there in the water with his son, Glenn was overcome with a sense of purpose and clarity on what our biggest job as parents truly is. Glenn shares the story on radio today.

Glenn Versus Christmas Lights
Glenn has lived all over the country during the Christmas season, including New York City, but nothing compares to the lights he’s seeing people put up around Dallas. People go to unimaginable lengths (and cost) to deck their homes out for the holiday season — will Glenn be joining them? Find out HERE.

Never let a crisis go to waste — that’s how the left gets things done. The radicals behind U.N. Agenda 21 are no different. They’ll use any situation from a natural disaster (have you seen how Hurricane Sandy has already been co-opted?) to a traffic problem to promote their plans for “sustainable development” and “controlled growth.” Want to know what the world might look like if America doesn’t wake up to this frightening plan that’s infiltrating communities around the nation? Get a copy of Glenn’s new thriller novel, AGENDA 21, and experience it for yourself.

Meet Glenn and get a signed copy of AGENDA 21!
Glenn’s hitting the road for his AGENDA 21 book tour this week. Find out if he’s coming to a town near you HERE.

What would Glenn’s show look like if Romney won? WATCH.

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Cyber Monday: LJ’s gone LOCO! WATCH LJ go loco for Cyber Monday on Pat & Stu and get all the great deals HERE. Adventures in house hunting with Glenn? Glenn may have convinced his daughter and her husband to move to Texas, but he hasn’t talked them into life in the suburbs just yet. Find out what happened this weekend when Glenn tagged along with his daughter to look at houses and found himself in a home full of his books — WATCH.

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