World unstable: U.N. votes for Palestinians; Muslim Brotherhood seizing power in Egypt

World unstable: U.N. votes for Palestinians; Muslim Brotherhood seizing power in Egypt
Glenn started the radio program today talking about the latest disturbing move by the U.N. in which they voted in support of Palestine. As Glenn predicted, the world is lining up against Israel – the latest power grabs in Egypt by the radical Muslim Brotherhood only make the situation more dangerous. As protesters rise up against Morsi, Obama is silent. Where is he? Glenn has more on radio today.

Epic letter from “bitterly disappointed” Brit dad to kids
On radio today Stu read excerpts from one of the more incredible letters you’ll ever read – from an extremely disappointed retired British nuclear submarine captain to his ‘underachieving disappointment’ children. Is it over the line? On the money? At least two of his children aren’t speaking to him until he apologizes. Check out the letter and see what you think HERE.

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  • Saturday @ 10pm ET – The B.S. of A.: The Muslim Brotherhood morning show, an interview with Fiscal Cliff, and the New GOP reaches out.
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Future of Obamacare? NHS doc describes horrific baby starving practice
During the healthcare debate, conservatives repeatedly warned of the consequences of government controlled healthcare. One of those would be so called death panels – basically the government, due to lack of funds, deciding who lives and who dies. To get a glimpse of the future of Obamacare, just look to England, where a disturbing new report reveals how the NHS is starving disabled children to death. STORY

Dems offer laughable deal to avert fiscal cliff
Glenn talked about the fiscal cliff today and the ridiculous deal put forth by the President which proposes no spending cuts and actually another massive spending increase. It was so laughable that Mitch McConnell actually laughed in Geithner’s face over the proposal. Glenn has more on radio today.

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The most powerful gift you can give a soldier
Glenn interviewed Rose Tennent of Quinn and Rose fame about her book titled Thanking Our Soldiers, a compilation of letters from her radio listeners of inspirational stories that demonstrate some of the best ways we can thank our men and women who serve in the military. Check out the interview, which also covered several news topics of the day, HERE.

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