The last real journalist?

North Korea’s shocking find: Ancient Unicorn Lair
It’s hard to believe it’s taken this long for someone to find it, but North Korean state media has announced its scientists have discovered an ancient unicorn lair. How do they know? Because it says so right on the sign at the entrance — ancient unicorn lair. Duh. STORY

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Hamas no longer a terrorist group? Syria prepping chemical weapons? Ambassador Anna Wintour? Stu dives into the ridiculous and terrifying stories the mainstream media won’t tell you.

6pm ET – Real News: The judge in the Fort Hood shooting trial was dismissed. What does this mean to the case against Major Hasan?

7pm ET – Wilkow!: Andrew welcomes Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta. Meet a real American hero.

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The last real journalist?

Only real journalist left? Glenn’s interview with Jake Tapper
The media sorely misses the presence of Tim Russert, one of the only journalists who was able to successfully hide his political leanings while hammering both sides of the aisle. Is Jake Tapper the only Russert-esque journalist left standing? Glenn interviewed Tapper on radio today to talk about his book, the state of the media and more – WATCH.

Chilling: Could the government turn against you?
Glenn calls the NSA whistleblowers ‘heroes’ for calling out what they were seeing go on at the NSA. They lost their positions in every department from the Pentagon to the NSA to Congress. One whistleblower told Glenn that the government could be collecting information about you even if you haven’t done anything wrong! With rapid advancements in technology, is privacy a thing of the past? And even scarier – can anything stop the government from collecting data on citizens? MORE.

Lunch with Glenn – Auction Ends Tomorrow!
Currently up for auction is lunch with Glenn and a tour of the Dallas Studio. All proceeds will support our injured service members, veterans and their families through the Bob Woodruff Foundation. Auction ends TOMORROW – Get all the details and bid now!

Bill Kristol’s Greatest Hits
‘Greatest’ may be a little misleading because there is nothing great about this clip. Except maybe that it shows what a great failure Bill Kristol is. Listen to the stunning audio of Kristol contradicting himself so badly it’s a wonder anyone still bothers to listen to him.

Hamas wants to be removed from terror list
Fresh off the heels of the U.N. placing Palestine on observer status, Hamas must be feeling pretty confident because now they’re asking to be taken off the designated terrorist list. If they truly want that perhaps they should stop firing rockets into civilian Israeli neighborhoods. Glenn reacts to the request and if it will actually be granted.

What’s next for the GOP? An exclusive series from TheBlaze – check out the latest roadmap.

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