Glenn’s interview with Jim DeMint

Farrakhan’s shocking rant on Christmas
Two things are certain in life: death & taxes. Ok, maybe there are three – Louis Farrakhan will say something incredibly stupid and offensive every few weeks or so. His latest shocking rant targeted Christmas – what kind of person says stuff like this?

Glenn’s must see interview with Penn Jillette
Penn Jillette is known for being an entertainer and an outspoken atheist, but he’s also a staunch libertarian and a brilliant thinker. But his best attribute is what led Glenn to have him on for an hour in the middle of Christmas season – his honesty. You may not agree with everything he says, but if more people shared his value of honest discussion we’d all be a lot better off. Check out the interview HERE.

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

Could Texas secede and survive?
An article on TheBlaze today examined this question – could Texas really secede from the union? Glenn goes through the evidence and explains why they could indeed survive — but that’s not to say Texas has no issues. There are definitely progressive sources making headway in the state – MORE.

Unemployment rate hits 7.7% … BUT
The left was quick to cheer the unexpected downtick in the unemployment rate this month, but nearly all of that drop can be attributed to yet another drop in the labor force participation rate. In all, there were a net 122,000 fewer people with jobs, not exactly something to brag about — details HERE.

Sneak Peek! Check out the Christmas music from “Glenn Beck’s Family Christmas”
Glenn previews his Christmas special that will air next Thursday, December 13th – it’s set to be 2 hours long and kicks off with Christmas at Glenn’s house. Then it proceeds on to Glenn’s son who is directing the nativity scene. It will feature Christmas music, Christmas traditions and lots of political incorrectness. Watch Glenn’s preview HERE. You can get all the details on the special HERE.

WATCH: People miserably fail basic Christmas quiz.

Glenn’s interview with Jim DeMint
Glenn talked with Jim DeMint on radio today about his move to leave the Senate and head up the Heritage Foundation. Why’d he do it? He explains that the GOP has been unable to effectively communicate conservative values and he believes winning the hearts and minds of the American people should be the primary objective. Check out the rest of the discussion from radio today.

Kate Middleton’s nurse commits suicide
The tabloid saga of the nurse who fell for a prank call made by a couple of morning radio DJ’s that led to personal medical information being leaked has taken an incredibly tragic turn. The nurse was found dead nearby the hospital, apparently a suicide. Details of the death are sketchy — the latest update via TheBlaze.

Glenn’s e-book thriller series: Great news! The sixth episode in the WRATH & RIGHTEOUSNESS e-book series has been released! There are ten episodes in total (about 5-6 full books worth of content), and we’re releasing them over the course of about one year. You’ll find easy download links to all episodes HERE. Have a question or comment about the series? Visit our FAQ page.

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