What was Glenn thinking?

Slide Show: Glenn’s Top 12 Fashion Disasters of 2012 PHOTOS.

Shockingly bad wardrobe decision...

What was Glenn thinking? Shockingly bad wardrobe decision…

WARNING: clicking on this link will expose you to some horrific Glenn Beck fashion. Glenn’s fashion history has ranged from hippie to slob to shock patterns — but lately it’s been relatively normal. That is until recently when Glenn has gone on a self-admitted ‘pattern’ kick. It’s just terrible – so bad that Glenn’s son-in-law/fashion expert denies any involvement. He addresses the controversy on radio today.

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  • 6pm ET – Real News: North Korea launched a long-range rocket last night. Is this a “game changer” for the region?
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Andrew ponders whether or not we are approaching the economic perfect storm.
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Glenn’s interview with Jake Tapper from last night on TheBlaze TV: WATCH.

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Crowder challenges union thug to MMA match

Conservative commentator Steven Crowder went to Michigan to interview protesting union members and ended up getting sucker punched four times by one out of control union thug. Glenn reacts to the video on radio today – also, Crowder (experienced in martial arts) has made quite an interesting challenge to the union tough guy. Fight like a man or go to jail.

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Pat & Stu partied like it was 12/12/12/ at 12:12pm today: WATCH how they celebrated.

Man’s roof collapses during LIVE TV interview — still thanks God for his blessings? Talk about a fantastic example of what proper perspective is – check out the video of a man being interviewed by local news when his ceiling begins to come falling down. When the dust settles the interviewer asks what this does to his Christmas — his reply is outstanding. Would you say the same? WATCH.

Glenn’s interview with Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart, former Air Force pilot and author of Wrath & Righteousness, joined Glenn on radio today to talk about the reality based fiction series he’s been working on for Mercury Ink. The E-books take a look at where we’ll be in the near future if we don’t change course – it’s like the book version of TV’s 24. Hear about the latest episode on radio today.

Glenn’s e-book thriller series: Great news! The sixth episode in the WRATH & RIGHTEOUSNESS e-book series has been released! There are ten episodes in total (about 5-6 full books worth of content), and we’re releasing them over the course of about one year. Download episodes 1-5 to catch up, then get the latest installment in the series HERE. Have a question or comment about the series? Visit our FAQ page.

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