Pelosi: GOP just hates Kwanzaa

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Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

Pelosi: GOP just hates Kwanzaa
Nancy Pelosi had a peculiar argument on the floor this week while debating the fiscal cliff. She wondered what the GOP had against the great American holiday of Kwanzaa. Do Americans know anything about Kwanzaa? Glenn finds out on radio today.

What to get your wife for Christmas: “Merry Christmas, you live in a house”
What do you do when your wife says she doesn’t want anything for Christmas? Don’t believe the hype when she says ‘we have so much to be thankful for’ because even if that is true, they still want a gift. Don’t be caught giftless when the big day rolls around – check out the hilarious segment from radio today.

Glenn Beck staffer gives his time to help those in need?
One of Glenn’s video editors, Jay Morales, donated his time to helping a small, family-owned business that was affected by Hurricane Sandy. Watch Jay’s video and find out more how you can help Staten Island’s Not Just Bagels HERE.

Why is Cee-Lo Green a celebrity?
Cee-Lo Green is one of the biggest celebrities in the music business today. He’s on the hit TV show The Voice as one of the judges/coaches and he has a music career of his own. This is quite perplexing to Glenn, Pat & Stu and they explore how this happened on radio today.

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Christmas Music: The Good vs. The Bad
It’s that time of year again – Christmas songs have already been blaring for weeks. Inevitably there are always new versions of the old classics – Glenn debates with Stu & Pat today on radio which makes the best Christmas songs. Which are the best? Find out HERE.

Pat Sings his new hit song “What’s That Who Pays Your Salary” inspired by Chris Matthews: WATCH.

Dare you to watch this and not cry
Glenn and his team have produced an incredible version of Silent Night, performed by Michelle Moyer, that captures the essence of the Christmas season to perfection. Featuring pictures by Mark Mabry, this video is sure to bring out strong emotion.

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Thank you, Victor: Sometimes the best teachers come from the strangest places. One of the best teachers Glenn ever had, who taught him about duty and devotion, is his dog Victor. Now that he’s getting older, Victor’s health is deteriorating. See Glenn’s emotional chat about Victor HERE. This morning on radio Glenn gave a health update on Victor — WATCH.

2012: A Look Back with TheBlaze
2012 was an eventful year. This New Year’s Eve, TheBlaze personalities reflect back on what they remember most and share some of their favorite stories of the year. Join us on New Year’s Eve at 5pm ET, only on TheBlaze TV.

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