Obama unleashes more taxes, regulations

Obama unleashes more taxes, regulations
Now that President Obama doesn’t have to worry about running for re-election he is free to really enact the things he wants to. Not surprisingly that means more taxes! Glenn goes off today on radio about one of those 2nd term taxes – the death tax. You’ll never guess how much government wants when you die… find out HERE.

Tonight’s Lineup on TheBlaze TV

  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: The Hobbit is the focus of the entire hour tonight.
  • 6pm ET – Real News: It’s the eve of the referendum on Egypt’s new constitution. The panel breaks down what approval could mean for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Tonight’s show is a one-hour special on Conservatism and Pop Culture.
  • Saturday @ 10pm ET – The B.S. of A.: Free Speech Zones, a novel idea for balancing the budget, and Brian visits Pumpernickel Boulevard on this week’s show!
  • Sunday @ 8pm ET – Independence USA: Preparing for the worst one project at a time – don’t miss an all new episode this Sunday.
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Raphe & Bowan’s Epic Christmas Play
Glenn’s 8-year-old son and his friend Bowan finally had their big stage debut last night during Glenn’s Christmas special. It featured a baby Jesus & an out of control llama that nearly trampled everyone on stage. Check out Raphe & Bowan’s epic opening monologue and the play HERE.

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“What’s That? Who Pays Your Salary?” Epic Chris Matthews parody song
When Chris Matthews inexplicably went nuts on a guest the other day asking him, “Who pays your salary?” Who knew a viral hit would sweep the nation? Pat Gray decided to make a parody song of the bizarre clip and it’s created quite a stir on the world wide web. WATCH.

How do you make Coma Hot Chocolate?
Anyone who’s been around Glenn Beck for any period of time has heard of his legendary Coma Hot Chocolate. Clearly this is Glenn Beck’s best contribution to society to date, as anyone who has ever tasted it can attest. How do you make this American treasure? Find out HERE.

The most non-PC Jeopardy Game EVER
Ever wonder what Jeopardy would look like if Glenn Beck hosted it? Last night on TV viewers got that answer whether they wanted it or not. The episode was in honor of Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous Kwanzaa comments — so, how much do Americans know about the holiday?

Ridiculous regulation: sound decibels on commercials
Congress can’t agree on a fiscal cliff solution – perhaps that’s because they’re too busy spending their time on fixing ‘problems’ such as TV commercials being louder than regular programming. True story – there are now ridiculous decibel regulations producers have to follow. How bad is it? Find out HERE.

Pajama Stu: Not that anyone in their right mind would want to see this — but in case you have a weird Stu fetish…here he is in PJ’s from Pajamagram.

2012: A Look Back with TheBlaze
2012 was an eventful year. This New Year’s Eve, TheBlaze personalities reflect back on what they remember most and share some of their favorite stories of the year. Join us on New Year’s Eve at 5pm ET, only on TheBlaze.

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