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2012 in Glenn Fashion
Having not been interested in sports, or anything else most would consider “manly” when he was growing up, Glenn focused on other things to occupy his time. One of those things was magic. Yes, young Glenn Beck was a budding magician – he performed live shows and everything. But his dreams of becoming a world-class magic man were derailed when he realized there was something out there he was actually good at: radio. We all know the rest is history, but what many may not know is that Glenn also fancies himself the fashionista of the talk radio world. Yes, Glenn is totally into fashion. But, given some of the outfits Glenn decides to where on a daily basis, that isn’t always obvious. Here are the best (mostly worst) fashion statements made by Glenn Beck in 2012.

Things even got so bad that at one point attempted to stage a fashion intervention for Glenn. Glenn, of course, had the last laugh.

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