Obama 2.0: New taxes are here!

Happy New…Taxes?
If New Year’s Day is any prediction of what 2013 has in store for the country, things aren’t looking good for the wallets of American citizens…or the economy. After months of scaring the public of the looming “fiscal cliff”, Congress, at the last second possible, reached a deal. And despite what the mainstream media and this administration are leading the public to believe, your taxes are probably going up. Today on radio, Glenn breaks down the details of the deal and gives you a clear picture on how out-of-step Democrats are with the American people.

Real News’ Will Cain shares his surprising take on yesterday’s fiscal cliff deal. Find out why he thinks Democrats lost the fight HERE.

NYT: Americans should “give up” on the Constitution
In an incredibly progressive op-ed (even by the New York Times’ standards), constitutional law professor Louis Michael Seidman suggests that America should “give up on the Constitution.” Needless to say, Glenn had a pretty explosive reaction to the writer’s bizarre claims.

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Glenn discusses the details of last night’s fiscal cliff deal. Plus, Glenn takes a look at violence in America and gun control. What’s the root of the problem?
  • 6pm ET – Real News: Buck sits down with a panel of top national security and foreign policy experts for a Real News special report — Holding the Line: National Security in 2013.
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Andrew interviews former GOP presidential candidate Alan Keyes about the fiscal cliff and the GOP’s current strategy. Where do they stand with the American people?
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Who is Glenn no longer going to talk about?
It’s been 18 full days since Glenn has aired “that guy’s” voice on radio or TV. Of course, each and every single one of those days Glenn was on vacation, which made him pretty easy to avoid. Pat and Stu try to talk Glenn out of mentioning this guy’s name because it’s one that will surely be in the news on a frequent basis. Find out who Glenn does not want to hear from in 2013 and beyond HERE.

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Do electronics rule our life?
Glenn is resolving to cut back on certain electronics beginning in 2013. Not that electronic gadgets are bad, but when it gets to the point where they are the constant center of our attention, it’s time for a change. Glenn talks about the dangerous technological trend that is leading us into a scary future.

Is robot sex the future?
Bet this isn’t the headline you expected to see right off the bat in 2013, eh? Somehow the topic of robot sex came up on radio today, which, if it wasn’t already past Dec. 21, 2012, would seem to present strong evidence that the Mayans were right. But since we’re all alive, what the heck is robot sex making news for?

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Was Glenn right? Potential for a la carte cable tv channels picks up steam with Intel unbundling rumors. DETAILS

Which Obama executive order did the House overwhelmingly overturn yesterd? Find out HERE.

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Strange New Laws for 2013: Pat and Stu give you the details on a few new laws that you might not know you’re breaking in 2013. WATCH

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