Fraud: Gore takes $100m in oil money in Current sale

Glenn’s offer to buy Current rejected in favor of anti-American network
TheBlaze TV’s interest in Current was dismissed by Gore in favor of Al Jazeera. Shockingly, the media seems more concerned with Glenn’s dealings while yawning at the prospect of a former Vice President being aligned with a network that spews anti-American propaganda. More details on the shocking Al Gorezeera move on radio today came during Glenn’s interview with Brian Lilley from Sun News.

Gore takes $100m in oil money in Current TV sale to Al Jazeera

Fraud: Gore takes $100m in oil money in Current TV sale to Al Jazeera
In a stunning development yesterday Al Gore sold his TV network, Current, to Osama bin Laden mouthpiece Al Jazeera. TheBlaze TV actually inquired when Current went up for sale but was rejected by Gore because he wanted to sell Current to someone “aligned” with his values. Naturally, Gore felt totally comfortable with the “terror tape” network that is Al Jazeera. Glenn absolutely decimates the shocking move on radio today.

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Beck to GOP: You are dead to me
Glenn ripped the GOP today for laying down and giving Obama practically everything he wanted on the fiscal cliff deal. Glenn doesn’t care about the political points scored, rather the fate of America following what he described as one of the worst deals ever passed. Watch Glenn’s full analysis from radio today.

Glenn’s epic ‘Why’ monologue
The media continues to fail the American people. The main reason is because they are not asking the most important question: Why? We get plenty of ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions, but never the ‘why’. And often when the ‘why’ is addressed, it doesn’t connect at all with the American people. What did the media completely miss on Sandy Hook? What did they completely miss on the fiscal cliff? Find out from last night’s epic monologue.

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Can Glenn survive 2013 without mentioning “that guy”?
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