Media unhappy with Glenn Beck bashing ‘that man’

Glenn discusses preventing another Sandy Hook with Dave Grossman

Last night on the TheBlaze TV, Glenn had a riveting interview with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, a leading expert on gun violence. The guns aren’t pulling their own triggers, yet they continue to get the blame. What is the real problem at the root of shootings happening across the country and in our schools? WATCH

Shocking tape of OH teens bragging about gang rape

Glenn reacts to the shocking video of a few Ohio teens who taped themselves joking about gang raping a young female classmate. It’s another sad illustration of how morally depraved society is truly becoming. Glenn talks about the problem and how to solve it on radio today.

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  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Translating values into votes. How can conservatives turn “I agree” into “I will vote”?
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Stuart Varney rips Al Gore’s “gross hypocrisy” over Current sale to Al Jazeera

Stuart Varney appeared on Fox & Friends to talk about the $500m Al Gorezeera sale of Current TV. He replayed a clip from November of this year when Gore preached on the need for all wealthy people to pay more in taxes. Quite ironic since Gore tried to rush his sale through in order to pay the Bush tax rate vs. the new higher Obama tax rate. See Gore’s tax hypocrisy HERE.

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Media unhappy with Glenn Beck bashing ‘that man’

It’s unclear why the media would even care that Glenn would stop mentioning the President of the United States, but for whatever reason, at least one “journalist” is really upset with him. Check out the interesting portrayal of the story on radio today.

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Pat tries to get ‘More-On Trivia’ caller to mention “that guy”

The most amazing radio trivia game in the history of talk radio programs hosted by someone named Glenn Beck has returned. More-On Trivia returned today but with a twist – what happens if a caller mentions ‘that guy’? Check out the highlights HERE.

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