You won’t believe what Glenn has planned for 2013 and beyond…

Essential Reading: The history of Walt Disney’s Imagineering?
It’s no secret that Glenn is a BIG fan of Walt Disney. Disney has served as an inspiration for the direction he is headed in 2013. And while Disney may be best known for its theme parks, movies, and animation, it’s another niche that Glenn has taken special interest in as he develops his American Dream Labs. Find out what it is HERE.

You won’t believe what Glenn has planned for 2013 and beyond…
All this week on TheBlaze TV Glenn is unveiling his vision for the network for 2013 and beyond. Remember when Glenn left Fox News and many on the left and elsewhere predicted Glenn’s demise? That claim has already been proven wrong and it’s only the beginning. Wait until you see what Glenn has in store – the left will be begging for the day Glenn was only on 1 hour a day! Here is a little hint from Glenn on what you can expect this week.

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Get the first look inside Glenn’s American Dream Labs and what he has in store for 2013 and beyond…
  • 6pm ET – Real News: There’s already a sequel to the Fiscal Cliff, more on Obama’s new cabinet selections, and a visit from Buck Sexton’s ‘Commie Bear.’
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Andrew talks about “Liberals and Gun Control”.
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“Ambition Inflation” is on the rise
If you’ve ever seen one of the bad American Idol auditions, it’s pretty clear that the youth of America don’t have a great sense of self. But, they didn’t arrive here on their own. No, this is a group of kids that have been given participation trophies and told how wonderful and special they are their entire lives. How bad is it getting? Glenn has the details on radio.

Joy Behar cool with terror friendly al Jazeera, scared of Glenn Beck
No one has ever accused Joy Behar for being an intelligent lifeform. The reason for this is there is a very large mountain of evidence indicating her to be what some would describe as ‘really really dumb’…to use the clinical terminology. On Leno last week Joy expressed no qualms with working for the terror friendly al Jazeera but she was really scared of Glenn Beck. Good thing for Joy both employers would likely fire her, so she doesn’t have to worry about it. See Glenn’s reaction HERE.

Glenn announces epic Misfits Ball
Despite billing himself as a uniter, “that guy” has alienated quite a few different groups of people. Whether it’s the rich, anyone in the oil business, anyone in the Tea Party, anyone who listens to talk radio or Glenn Beck, anyone who is ‘bitterly clinging’ to God or their guns, a large chunk of the population has not been made to feel welcome by this administration. So, Glenn Beck has decided to hold a Misfits Ball during the inauguration celebration for all those who have been alienated by “that guy” in the Oval Office. Glenn announces what is sure to be an epic party on radio today.

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Glenn’s Daily Prep: Every morning, Glenn’s producers put together stories and research for Glenn to review before he discusses the plan for the radio and television shows. Get more insight into what shapes Glenn’s show each and every day with the stories he looked at this morning HERE.

Quaker meeting house torched by unions
Ahhh, unions. They rank about as low as Joy Behar on the intelligence scale and prove it by resorting to violence instead of trying to successfully argue their position. Since leftist unions generally have indefensible positions and requirements, they have to beat the snot out of people to keep them in line. The latest absurd incident comes at a Quaker meeting house of all places. MORE

Inspiring: Mercury One receives donation from Iowa Prison? When Glenn received a phone call from Anamosa State Penitentiary he had no idea what to expect. But once he was off the phone he was nothing short of inspired. The inmates, who earn a wage of 52 cents/hour gave Mercury One a donation of $100 dollars to help provide aid to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. That’s 32 days of work. Glenn shares the incredible story on radio.

Very important Burger King update: Pat & Stu test Burger King’s new menu items in the name of science (aka their stomachs). WATCH

Glenn’s e-book thriller series: Great news! The sixth episode in the WRATH & RIGHTEOUSNESS e-book series has been released! There are ten episodes in total (about 5-6 full books worth of content), and we’re releasing them over the course of about one year. Download episodes 1-5 to catch up, then get the latest installment in the series HERE. Have a question or comment about the series? Visit our FAQ page.

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