Bitter? Obama aims for gun control

Gov. Cuomo attacks “assault” weapons with seemingly no knowledge of what they are
Given that NYC is willing to limit how much of a sugary drink you can buy, it stands to reason the state’s governor would be willing to go after guns. The problem is, he has no idea what he is talking about. Glenn rips Gov. Cuomo on radio today for going after ‘assault’ rifle’s without knowing what they are. WATCH

Could Obama rule on gun control by executive order?

Biden flips: Obama could rule on gun control by executive order
As Vice President Joe Biden gets ready to present the recommendations of his gun violence prevention task force, he is already talking about the ways in which the President could implement stricter gun laws. (Hint: It doesn’t involve Congress.) That’s a little different from Joe’s bold “I guarantee you Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns” declaration back in 2008. Glenn reacts on radio.

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  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Congressmen Louie Gohmert and Jeff Duncan discuss the GOP response to the various gun control proposals.
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The key to tonight’s show: Independence
This is it — the most ambitious plan Glenn’s ever come up with will be revealed on TheBlaze TV tonight. Tired of waiting around for a politician to solve our problems? Ready to form a community that doesn’t play by big government rules? One that won’t tell you how much soda you can drink? Yeah, so is Glenn. Do not miss TheBlaze TV tonight!

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Is Alex Jones a better crier than Glenn?
Alex Jones had an epic meltdown on CNN this week, but it was nothing compared to his usual fare on his internet show. If you thought Glenn was a crier, you haven’t seen anything yet. What happened when Alex “realized” that banks were kidnapping and torturing little kids (or something like that)? Tears like Niagra flowed…and that’s putting it lightly. WATCH

What changes is ‘that guy’ making to Inauguration Day?
Glenn, Pat, and Stu had a little fun on radio this morning dissecting the implications of “that guy’s” decision to buck some Inauguration Day traditions. Is it possible that one day the president will be completely covered by Bibles on Inauguration Day? Check out Glenn’s suspect arithmetic HERE.

Stu has to put money in “that guy” jar
In an ironic twist, Glenn Beck has unwittingly resorted to playing the role of politician on his own radio program. Since the advent of the “that guy” jar, Glenn refuses to play by the rules he has set for everyone on the staff. Has Glenn gone dictator?

TheBlaze Radio Network launches new morning show with Doc Thompson
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Be very afraid: Pat and Stu walk you through the overwhelming amount of tax hikes you’ll see this year. WATCH

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