Telling: Stu saw Zero Dark Thirty, Glenn saw Les Mis

Nerve: Obama says “We have to break the habit of negotiating through crisis over and over again”
President Obama held a presser today and actually had the nerve to scold his colleagues for constantly “negotiating through crisis” again and again. Funny, coming from a man who’s all buddy-buddy with Rahm ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ Emanuel. But that’s not all he said — check out his description of the debt ceiling and more HERE.

Bloomberg: You’ll have to suffer a little bit
The fact that Mayor Bloomberg is still the mayor of New York City really says something about New Yorkers — mainly that they suck. Soda bans, trans fats bans, idling car bans, gun bans, smoking bans…what’s next? Bloomberg answered that question with something even more ridiculous than you’d guess. Patients in pain will now suffer because nanny Bloomberg is cracking down on pain meds. Glenn reacts on radio today.

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  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Beck breaks down the details of TheBlaze Gun Poll and makes a prediction about what action he believes the administration will take.
  • 6pm ET – Real News: The debt ceiling debate is heating up. Will GOP leadership stand together against the Democrats, or will there be another battle between the old and new guard?
  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: The President is trying to make what’s illegal, legal and what’s legal, illegal (guns). What you can do is take action by questioning your lawmakers about where they stand on 10th Amendment.
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The B.S. of A. announces Glenn’s next BIG idea…WATCH.

Epic rant by NY judge slams release of gun owner information
Glenn played the epic grilling of the sleazy publication that printed the names and addresses of gun owners living in NY. Jeanine Pirro absolutely devastates the slime balls who thought it made sense to equate legal gun owners to child murderers. Check out the full rant and Glenn’s classic response HERE.

TheBlaze gun poll results are in…
Last week TheBlaze conducted what turned into a massive gun poll. Many of the answers you’d expect from TheBlaze audience, but others were completely surprising. How do Blaze readers views on guns stack up against the talking points of the MSM, the administration and others pushing gun legislation? Get answers and Glenn’s reaction.

Telling: Stu saw Zero Dark Thirty, Glenn saw Les Mis
It was a movie kind of weekend for the radio crew. Stu saw Zero Dark Thirty. Glenn, notorious for watching (and actually liking) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, went to see Les Mis. Glenn wouldn’t be able to catch a football if it were handed to him – but he sure knows how to review a musical. Who soared and who flopped?

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Awesome viral video: Someone actually created a full-length, live-action version of Toy Story – watch it HERE.

TheBlaze Radio Network launches new morning show with Doc Thompson

With the latest addition to TheBlaze Radio, you can now start your mornings with Doc Thompson! Weekdays from 6:00-9:00am ET, tune into The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson, followed by Glenn’s radio program, Pat & Stu, Jay Severin, and more! Get the full lineup HERE.

Miss Iowa takes a stance on Marijuana…kind of
Pat & Stu try to decipher Miss Iowa’s stance on marijuana usage — WATCH. Get more Pat and Stu weekdays from 12-2pm ET on TheBlaze TV.

Five Concerns About Armed Guards in Schools
An examination of the NRA’s response to Sandy Hook. People want change and answers, but this suggestion is not that well thought out, here’s why.

Glenn’s e-book thriller series: Great news! The sixth episode in the WRATH & RIGHTEOUSNESS e-book series has been released! There are ten episodes in total (about 5-6 full books worth of content), and we’re releasing them over the course of about one year. Download episodes 1-5 to catch up, then get the latest installment in the series HERE. Have a question or comment about the series? Visit our FAQ page.

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