Radical new anti-gun laws headed for NY

Could a new executive order require your doctor to turn you in?

Could a new executive order require your doctor to turn you in?
Remember when President Obama said Obamacare wouldn’t give the government free reign to dig around your medical records? So much for that. One of the executive orders proposed to increase gun regulation could actually require your doctor to turn you in. Glenn has more on radio.

NY Senate passes radical new gun regulations
Shocked? The state of New York was the first to pass a series of new reforms and regulations in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary. The new laws ban any magazine from having more than seven rounds, conduct real-time background checks, alert police of high volume buyers, and broaden the definition of assault weapons. What does Glenn think of the new laws? Get his reaction from radio HERE.

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The B.S. of A. eavesdrops on a blind date with a fiscally liberal senator…WATCH.

Glenn: We have to get out of reactive mode
Today on radio, Glenn continued the discussion he began on TV last night looking at what will happen if the President ends up issuing an executive order in response to gun violence. Why is the second amendment coming under attack at the beginning of the President’s second term? To provoke a reaction? How do you stop it? Find out HERE.

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How do conservatives win the debate over new gun regulations?
Debates over the proposed gun laws are starting to heat up, but is anything really going to happen? On last night’s show Glenn was cautiously optimistic, saying that as far as the current round of negotiations go, the talk will ultimately result in a compromise. But since we all know that this administration never lets a good crisis go to waste, Glenn was quick to warn of what could happen next time tragedy strikes.

Jesse Jackson: Blame the gun manufacturers
Do “assault rifles” have the capacity to shoot down airplanes? According to Rev. Jesse Jackson, they do. In a recent interview with Fox News, Jackson said semi-automatic rifles are a “threat to national security” and gun manufacturers must be “more accountable for their product.” Glenn reacted to these claims on radio this morning.

Glenn’s Daily Prep: See the stories that Glenn’s producers put together for him this morning HERE.

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Which President said he wasn’t scared of being assassinated?
Today on radio, Glenn invited author Brad Meltzer onto the program to discuss his new book The Fifth Assassin. While the book is fictional, Meltzer did extensive research into the history of assassinations and assassination attempts and found some startling connections between them. He also spoke with former President George H.W. Bush about what it was like to live knowing that there were people out there who want to see you dead. Listen to the revealing conversation HERE and check out The Fifth Assassin HERE.

Fan feedback on American Dream Labs
Last week, Glenn laid out some pretty incredible projects that have been several years in the making. From revolutionizing the way TV is produced to building a brand new community, Glenn’s plans for the future are certainly grand. But how did his fans react? Glenn shared a sampling of the feedback he received from viewers on last night’s show.

TheBlaze Radio Network launches new morning show with Doc Thompson
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