Glenn responds to the Newtown “truthers”

Glenn responds to the Newtown “truthers”
You’d think conspiracy theorists wouldn’t bother entertaining crazy ideas about what happened on that horrific day last month when 20 kids were gunned down in cold blood by a deranged lunatic. The case is pretty open-and-shut, but that’s not stopping conspiracy theories from popping up all over the place. It’s beyond disgusting. Glenn reacts on radio today.

Sandy Hook student’s dad calls in to dispel conspiracy theories
Caller ‘Pete’ called into the radio program to respond to the ludicrous conspiracy theories going around the internet suggesting that perhaps this shooting didn’t actually happen. Pete’s child goes to that school and he describes the horrific events of that morning from the eyes of a father not being able to protect his son in danger. Listen to the incredible story HERE. Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

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  • 6pm ET – Real News: The president made his big gun control announcement today. What were the 23 executive actions?
  • 7pm ET Wilkow!: Andrew breaks down President Obama’s political stunt with today’s gun control news.
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Exploiting kids to push anti-gun laws
Remember when liberals freaked out when images of George W. Bush reacting and leading during the immediate aftermath of 9/11 were published? Anyone striving for even a shred of consistency would also be upset at Obama using children to push through his gun control measures. Not surprisingly, the media isn’t yelling about the imagery this time around. Glenn reacts on radio today.

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Obama signs 23 executive gun orders
President Obama came out swinging today, not merely proposing but signing 23 executive orders on gun control. While none of them actually placed a ban on any particular weapon, this was a clear sign that the President feels Congress is worthless and they better play ball or else he’s leaving them in the dust. Check out the orders HERE.

Uh oh – Germany, Ecuador among nations who want their gold back
Countries around the world are starting to take action with gold, and the move signals to the rest of the world that there is more trouble ahead for the economy. When countries start pulling their gold back home it means their faith in the United States as a custodian for gold is completely gone. Glenn has the full breakdown on what this means on radio today.

Mercury One to hold NYC rock concert to help Sandy victims. Get all the details HERE.

What do electricity and political power have in common?
Glenn has been doing a lot of research lately, and the story of Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and George Westinghouse has been of particular interest. While Glenn knows very little about electricity, he knows a lot about the struggle for power. On radio this morning, Glenn dissected the similarities between the “Battle of the Currents” in the late 1800s and the federal overreach we see today. WATCH

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Hostile work environment? TheBlaze’s S.E. Cupp chastised by fellow MSNBC host during live broadcast: After wrapping up The Cycle, TheBlaze’s S.E. Cupp attempted a smooth transition into Martin Bashir Live, but what she was met with was nothing short of hostility. Given their typically liberal programming, it’s no surprise that MSNBC isn’t exactly a “friendly work environment” for conservatives, but attempting to sandbag a host on your own network is pretty low. Watch the exchange and get Glenn’s reaction HERE.

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Bizarre Conspiracies: Stu and Pat discuss the unbelievable conspiracies surrounding Sandy Hook. WATCH

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