Armstrong admits, but still not sorry

Obama keeps trotting out the kids
The White House, clearly short on intellectual arguments to ban guns, is bringing out the kids to do their dirty work…again. First he used the kiddie-shields during the signing of his 23 executive actions. Now the White House has produced 4 of the letters from the children(‘s parents) into videos. WATCH

Lance Armstrong: Not a good guy

Part  of Oprah’s much anticipated interview with Lance Armstrong last night did not disappoint. Pat called it one of the greatest interviews he’s ever seen. Oprah grilled Armstrong on his use of steriods and blood doping, and his answers were surprisingly open…and perhaps more disturbing than most anticipated. The now infamous cyclist still doesn’t appear to be all that sorry. See the interview & reaction on radio today.
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Monday, January 21 at 5pm ET, join Glenn as he hosts the 2013 Misfit Inauguration Ball live from his studio in Dallas, TX. Join some of the infamous “misfits” no longer welcome in Obama’s America – champions of freedom, smaller government, and the Constitution. With live red carpet commentary from Pat & Stu, this is one black-tie affair you won’t want to miss. DETAILS
Mistake or message? Tania flushes wedding ring down toilet
In a stunning turn of events, just hours before departing on an exotic anniversary weekend, Tania Beck symbolically accidentally flushed her wedding ring down the toilet. She claims it was an “accident,” but Pat & Stu suspect there’s something else at play here. The theory is pretty convincing: check it out HERE.
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Hero or villain? Fascinating guest explains how to eliminate gun control forever
Glenn conducted a fascinating interview last night on TheBlaze TV with a guest who says that new technology will render any future gun control laws obsolete. The interview, which got a little tense at times, included Glenn strongly questioning the tactics used to ensure the Second Amendment. Is this guest a hero or a villain? Watch and decide.
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More-On Trivia: Atlanta vs. San Francisco
More-On Trivia has been incredibly accurate throughout its lifespan, especially when you consider that the game appears to be a totally random attempt to highlight America’s current-event ineptitude.  Whether it’s right or wrong, it’s always entertaining. Today was no exception as the ever popular and apparently difficult “which direction does the sun rise… in your neighborhood?” question had participants scratching their heads. Who wins? The answer HERE.
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HOPE 101: A cautionary reminder
Why do the so-called “good guys” keep letting us down? The answer is pretty simple, we’re putting our hope in the wrong things. MORE
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